Frugal Art Supply: Drop Cloths!

Headshot What do you get when you have the opportunity to witness artists in their natural habitat? The secrets to their art! This is what I discovered today while watching the intro chapters to three of our Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVDs. All three artists, Linda Blinn (Make it Graphic), Susie Monday (Mixed-media Textile Art), and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (Collage Fast & Furious) made a point of talking about using their drop cloths and cloth rags in their art.

Linda Blinn Linda Blinn likes to make the most of her stencil overspray by using a poster board as a drop cloth on her work surface. She also uses small sections of muslin as a work rag.
Julie Fei-Fan balzer Julie Fei-Fan Balzer claims to use cloth rags instead of paper towel because they make great colored fabrics to work into her art—not just because it’s eco-friendly.
susie Monday Susie Monday uses old drop cloths cut into scraps for over-printing in her silk screen prints.


I love seeing how other artists work which is why I’m a big fan of learning from DVDs and live workshops. I like to see how they handle their work, mess with their supplies, and interact with their surfaces. I like to use cloth rags like Julie. I also like to use a paper paint palette that I can peel old paint off of and use in future collages.

Do you use a cloth drop cloth or rags in your work area? How do you reuse these items? I can’t wait to hear your unique ideas. Leave a comment and share with us all! And don’t forget, if you want to spend time with Linda, Julie, or Susie, you can download their workshops right now! (That’s another Frugal tip: Downloads have no shipping costs!)




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