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1234.8625_BDelaney_gif550x0_30ACA651[1]Do you ever have a difficult time coming up with your next project?
Do you sometimes have a new product and don’t know just where to go with it?
It isn’t always easy to go it alone, but there is lots of inspiration to be had all around you. Whether you go for a walk, meet with artistic buddies, or turn to your favorite magazines like  Cloth Paper Scissors, inspiration can be found all around you.

When planning this blog, I started thinking about all of the techniques and new products I have discovered in the pages of Cloth Paper Scissors over the last six years and several in particular came to mind, often because we got a lot of follow-up mail about them. You, our readers, really love to learn techniques, but you also like to hear about how other artists fit art into their daily lives, into their home spaces, and  how they keep it fresh. We have had a number of artist who have written about their artistic lives and adventures, but one artist who has been with us from the beginning is Loretta Benedetto Marvel. While searching through the Letters pages in back issues, it became readily apparent that Loretta often touches a nerve, or a funny bone, with our readers. 

 marvel25 “Loretta colors a page with words in a way that makes me want to beg for an invitation to see the inside of her art closet or tag along on a family vacation, just to see what masterpieces in art and word she will create.”  ~ Adele San Miguel


Artist Profiles

Our Artist Profiles are always a big hit too. The Artgirlz, Michael deMeng, Anna Maria Horner…Kristen Beason, Robert Maloney…and so many, many more. We have had such an eclectic group of artists grace the pages of  Cloth Paper Scissors over the years.
As I looked through the back issues I realized how wonderful it was to be able to revisit all of these articles and friends. It is always such a pleasure to work with the artists and to see and handle their wonderful artwork. Going through the issues brought back those experiences.   Maloney

Techniques and Challenges

“It’s like having my own private mini art classes.” ~ Julie Barclay

What fun it is each issue to see the latest trends and newest applications. I have my favorites and I’m sure you have yours, too. Some of the past articles we got had a lot of feedback on are “Making Art Every Day: The Purse Book Project,” by Debbi Crane in the Winter 2006 issue, CP0612_052 “Dipped & Delightful Beads” by Kelli Perkins in the the July/August 2007 issue, “Embracing Possibility and Your Creative Dreams” by Kelly Rae Roberts in the September/October 2007 issue, and “Graffiti Composition” by Alisa Burke in the July/August 2007 issue.  I  could keep adding to this list but you get the idea: lots of variety, lots to choose from.CP0707

And then there are the Workshop articles…   Tools, techniques, products, tips and tricks…lots to learn, lots of fun exploration.

“I appreciate your Workshop section. There is just enough information to get me to try a new technique or revisit an old one with a new twist.” ~ Teresa Barrett

You can have it all!

You don’t have to choose. You can go back and take another look at all of these articles and more. Think about all you have learned since 2006. What did you maybe pass over back then as too difficult? What products have you acquired since then that would make some other techniques within your realm of possibility. I think it’s time to take another look. How about challenging yourself to learn or do a new technique each week? Or if that’s too daunting, how about once a month? And if you don’t have all of the back issues, we have made it easy for you: a compilation of the 2006 and 2007 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine…all 10 issues!…is available. Think of all the fun that is just waiting to happen. I think this is a perfect way to spend a fall afternoon.

Wishing you a colorful and creative fall.





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