Fun Fall Felt Project Inspired by Jewelry

HeadshotIn 2011, I want to work with more mixed-media jewelry.  I know, I know, January is the month for writing resolutions and I’m sure I’ll be working on them then as well, but sometimes new projects need a little pre-planning.And, for the same reasons that I like to carve my own stamps and make my own screens, I want to make my own jewelry findings. This is going to necessitate my learning about PMC (polymer metal clay).

A copy of The Jewelry Architect landed on my desk here at the office just last week and, well, I’m in love. I’ve flipped through a number of PMC books in the past, but none of them were really suited to me. This one is. It should really be titled The Jewelry Architect Especially Written for Jenn.

JA-feltedflowers While I’m waiting to start working with PMC until January, I just couldn’t resist these lovely felted flowers and beads by author Kate McKinnon. I thought I’d make a go at creating a little mixed-media acorn art for Studios Editor Cate Prato who just brought in the most beautiful basket of festive fabric pumpkins for our desks. One good creative turn deserves another—don’t you think?

This project was super easy and can be completed in one sitting—if you sit long enough for glue to dry!


2010-10-21 002 001Let’s start by gathering the supplies.

  • Bead caps (These should be big enough to look like acorn tops.)
  • Quick-Dry Adhesive (One with a fine-tip nozzle will be really helpful here.)
  • Glitter, brown
  • Wire (I used a heavy gauge—probably around 18 or 19.)
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Vintage paper (I like to use paper appropriate to the theme of my project.)
  • Beads, 2 of each: felt, crystal, faux pearl
  • Needle (This should be small enough to fit through your beads.)
  2010-10-21 002 004
1. Cover your bead caps with the glue and then with the glitter. Set aside to dry.   2. Form an oak leaf from the wire. Make a little loop at the bottom of the leaf and twist the wires together. Cut the excess wire off.
2010-10-21 002 005   2010-10-21 002 006
3. Place the wire leaf over your paper and trace with a pencil.   4. Cut out the shape a little bigger than the pencil line.
2010-10-21 002 007   2010-10-21 001 002
5. Add glue to the outside edge of the leaf and add the wire shape. Let dry. Repeat steps 2-5 to create a second leaf if desired.   6. Use the thread and needle to string your beads together. Leave a long tail and start with the crystal bead, followed by the bead cap, felt bead, and faux pearl. Go back into the felt bead, bead cap, and crystal bead.  Continue stringing the second acorn together and then tie off the ends and tie to the loops at the bottoms of the leaves.


What would you use this little mixed-media adornment for? Napkin ring holder for Turkey Day? A festive fall brooch? Let us know! Leave your creative ideas here in our comment section.

For now, I’m off to watch the instruction DVD that comes included with The Jewelry Architect. I need to put together my holiday wish list for my shopping-challenged husband and I’m sure I see lots of new things I want to try.




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