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We’re thrilled to welcome mixed-media artist Jenny Lee Cochran in Art Lesson 5: Pastels With a Punch. In this paper art download, Jenny explains how to use deli paper, a Gelli printing plate, and a few other supplies to make colorful, patterned paper flowers. In today’s newsletter, Jenny, the Art Lesson artist for the next four months, shares her inspiration for this delightful display of creativity. ~Cherie

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Paper flower by Jenny Cochran Lee

Paper Art: A Collection of Favorites by Jenny Cochran Lee

Like many of you, I can easily get sucked into the happy vortex of printmaking. One of my greatest guilty pleasures in this department is using deli paper with my Gelli Arts® gel printing plate. The deli paper comes in a box of 300 sheets that pop up like tissues. I feel like the box itself is saying, “Don’t stop! Keep printing!” I make prints like the wind. When I finally come up for air, I find myself surrounded by dozens of pastel printed deli papers spread randomly around my studio. Once dry, I stack them neatly, add them to a growing pile, and wonder if I have developed a hoarding problem.

Jenny’s colorful deli papers

My family recently moved and I decided this was the perfect time to get my studio space organized. It was so inspiring to see all my supplies again. Some things had been boxed away or hidden under other junk for so long I had completely forgotten about them.

I wanted to get back into some old favorite projects, like making paper flowers. I had all the supplies ready to go, I just needed some interesting papers. As I worked in my studio, I found myself staring at a beautiful pile of pastel printed deli papers. The cogs in my noggin began to crank and I decided to use the deli papers to create my flowers. In all my organizing, I was also itching to use some fun mark-making tools, and I had just unpacked a new “heavy duty” sewing machine. The wheels were now in motion. I had all of my favorite methods, tools, and supplies to create some funky paper flowers.

Paper art, How to make paper flowers |
The “petals” of Jenny’s paper flowers

After embellishing the printed papers, I was able to stitch petal shapes and use floral supplies to create completely unique flowers. Creating this project was so much fun because it combined so many things I love: printmaking, sewing, painting, drawing and crafting. Each little blossom represents my creative happy place. I keep a bouquet of these flowers on a little table in my art studio. They serve as a reminder to keep playfulness, experimentation, and joy in my art-making.

Take a moment and think about your studio favorites. What could you do for hours without looking at the clock? What colors and supplies feel like candy to you? How could you combine a collection of your art “loves” to create something that represents your creative happy place? ~Jenny

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