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8625_BDelaney_gif-550x0 We love hearing from our readers and we are always interested in feedback on specific issues so we can present artists and articles dealing with the materials and techniques our readers are most interested in. Recently, Editor Jenn Mason posted on Facebook:

PRIZE ALERT: Ok, just to take a little break from the CREATE madness…We know all of you like to keep your issues of CPS for ever and ever. What is one of your favorite articles from 2006-2007? Go, run to the shelf and start looking. Leave a response here and it could be in our next newsletter. We'll also pick one random commenter to receive the 06/07 CD collection! Let us know by midnight 8/22!


Below is a sampling of some of the responses from our readers. Check out the full posting at the Facebook page. You’ll see that some of the “favorites” were Kelli Nina Perkins “Crow Dolls in the November/December issue,” Cate Prato’s “Art to Go” article in the Spring 2006 issue, and “A Year captured in Fabric” by Tracie Lyn Huskamp in the July/August ‘07 issue. I hope you’ll take a minute to read the postings, check out the articles that readers were drawn to, and get re-inspired.



Cyndi Wetherell Pink:  That's easy – my 1st issue ever (Winter 2006) is what got me hooked on your magazine. I bought it for the article "purse-uing art every day" and have made several of
those little purses since then. They are a favorite for my customers (and, teens love making them at birthday parties). I love, love, love Cloth Paper Scissors.

Joni Owens: Ok, that's like handing me a box of chocolates and asking me to pick my favorite! 

Meridel Abrams: Can't point to one favorite, but I enjoy the Reader Challenges…they inspire me to go create–one of these days I am actually going to send something in.

Teri Blaschke: I actually had three favorites in the Spring 2006 issue. But my first read and always my favorite is the closing essay by Loretta Marvel…this issue held an especially emotional piece about “place,” and its effect on us as individuals. Does it make us artists, architects, writers, lawyers? And what of the disappearance of “our place”? Can our memories of it keep our “place” alive and help us keep our balance, they can and must!


Ann Bonestell: Oh, heck! I guess the only way to choose is to pick the one I've returned to the most number of times: Kelli Perkins' "Dipped and Delightful."

Sheryl Lucas: A tough decision but I go with May/June 2007 issue…article on “The Paper Quilt: Quilt, collage, and painting in one.” And thanks for getting me to go and look through them all again…I forget how inspiring they are!

Sheila Drury: The paper quilts was my favorite article, I make fabric quilts so it's a natural transition for me. May/June 2007 thanks for a great magazine. 


These are just a sampling of our beautiful covers, and I bet you’re saying, “I remember that one!..and that one!”  Did you keep all of your back issues? Are you wishing you could take another look right now? 

Well, here’s your chance to have all of these wonderful issues in one place with the Cloth Paper Scissors 2006-2007 Collection. Enjoy the articles exactly as they were printed. There are easy-to-navigate tabs, and you can print the articles, too. Don’t miss out!

With bad weather approaching, I think watching the Collection DVD would be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!


Oh, but before I go, let me say congrats to Amanda Krauss, our Facebook friend who won the contest mentioned above. She'll be getting her very own copy of  the Cloth Paper Scissors 2006-2007 Collection!






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