Handmade Paper–It’s Within Your Reach

If you think making your own paper seems too complicated, think again. Lynn Krawczyk is back with a new Art Lesson, breaking down the steps and showing you a fun mixed-media project that will inspire you to add handmade paper to your collage pieces. Here’s Lynn to tell you more about Art Lesson Volume 2: Handmade Paper Collage.

How to make handmade paper | Lynn Krawczyk, ClothPaperScissors.com
Lynn sewed five buttons onto this sheet of handmade paper to give it even more dimensional interest.

“I have a love/hate relationship with my mailbox. I’m one of those people who loves getting handwritten notes and such, but I hate the amount of paper waste that unwanted mail and fliers generate. For a long time I simply chucked the unwanted visitors into the recycle bin, but then I realized they had potential: handmade paper.

How to make handmade paper | Lynn Krawczyk, ClothPaperScissors.com
Lynn tell us that “handmade paper adds a special touch to small journals and mini books, making them even more personal to work in.” (Pin this!)

“Handmade paper allows you to elevate everyday papers into art. The paper itself can be a finished piece ready to frame as is, or it can serve as the base for a wide variety of mixed-media projects. Paper-making is a technique that can be mastered with practice and, once you’re comfortable with how to make it, you’ll be smuggling stray paper away every chance you get.”

Take a Sneak Peek Into This Art Lesson!
Two of Lynn’s Ideas For Using Handmade Paper:

1. Little books are a perfect way to showcase your handmade paper. Simply fold the paper in half and either hand or machine stitch down the center. Add a closure by stitching a button to the front cover and a loop of thread to the back cover.

2. Handmade paper can be run through computer printers to print photos or text. If you make smaller sizes of paper, machine stitch them together to form an 8.5×11 piece. I particularly like to print color images as black and white because it creates a wonderful contrast on the handmade paper. Combine plain paper with colored/altered surfaces. The printer ink reacts differently to the various colors and textures, creating different shades for a nice effect. (Note: Don’t use heavily textured paper for this technique. It could damage your printer.)

When you download Art Lesson Volume 2: Handmade Paper Collage here for only $3.99, you’ll score two recipes for making paper, which Lynn refers to as “the ultimate recycling project.” Plus, learn how to add color to your newly recycled paper, and how to add texture and imagery for collage art with dimension and visual interest.

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