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Artist and author Jen Wagner designed Happy Hand Lettering to help readers learn the basics of hand lettering and incorporate lettering into different areas of their lives. Her lettering adventure started with a challenge she gave herself to learn a new art skill. After several months of practice and learning, she accomplished her goal. In Happy Hand Lettering she discusses everything from basic lettering terms to kerning to composition, and much more. Wagner provides plenty of information, and lots of fun projects, too. It was definitely something I had to check out.

Hand Lettering

Whether I’m just doodling or creating something special, there are always letters involved. What I loved about Happy Hand Lettering is that it offers so much information and inspiration—and not just concerning letters. Once you have your lettering skills down, you’ll use the letters in lots of fun ways.

Wagner helps you take your basic hand-lettering to the next level, stressing that “imperfection is a wonderful thing.” Learn to thicken lines, add flourishes, use a paintbrush instead of a pen, and . . .

Hand Lettering

Add decorative elements. She makes it look so easy! This delicate flower started with dabs of paint. Adding water with a clean brush, she formed loose petals and leaves to complete her design. Easy, but impressive! Wagner’s many samples and step-by-step instructions will have even the most timid painter creating beautiful blossoms in no time, enhancing any lettering project.

Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

If you want to take your new lettering skills even further, there is plenty of instruction for making place cards, menus, gift tags, decorative signs, and more.

One of my favorite projects is a decorative mug. Simply lettered using an oil-based paint pen, it’s sure to please someone on your gift list.

Hand Lettering

The longer days of summer offer the perfect opportunity to try something new, and Happy Hand Lettering is a great resource to get you started. Think of the possibilities!


~ Barb


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