Henna Journal Giveaway Winners!

We had so many thoughtful responses about your favorite handmade gift, I absolutely loved reading about them! Unfortunately, I only have two of Shayna's journals to give away, and our lucky winners are: fisher.joyce and jean1950!!

I want to share what these two lucky winners posted as their favorite handmade gifts, even though it was not the reason why they won:

fisher.joyce wrote: "The best handmade gift I've ever received was a quilt from my Grandmother when I got married 30+ years ago.  I couldn't believe all the work that had gone into it and felt really blessed she made it for me.  Unfortunately, I was young, and didn't know the proper way to care for it, so I washed it way too often in an old agitator washing machine and it has really deteriorated. I no longer use it because it is so fragile, but I keep it folded on a shelf in my bedroom where I can see it all the time and it brings me a lot of joy to this day."


jean1950 wrote: "My mother gave me a beautiful crocheted lace table cloth as a wedding gift."




To retrieve your journal, you must email me at pmartin@interweave.com by 5pm on Monday, December 9th, with your name and mailing address so I can send you your Henna Journal!

If you didn't win, get yourself a copy of the new PAGES magazine to see Shayna's instructions on how to make your own!




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