Holiday Sweepstakes: Testors

We’re in the home stretch of the Cloth Paper Scissors Holiday Sweepstakes, and today’s prize is a great package from Testors that includes great Acrylic Paint sets, brushes and applicators, and  a customizable Airbrainz Airbrush. Hurry to sign up for this great prize on our Sweepstakes page, and don’t miss more fantastic prizes tomorrow and Wednesday!

Cloth Paper Scissors Holiday Sweepstakes

If you love to create with paint, you’ll love these sets. Lively colors and terrific brushes make painting easy and enjoyable, with great results.

Painting rocks is a huge trend; here’s a fun project to try that you can complete in an afternoon.

Painted rocks with Testors acrylic paints
Make these fun painted rocks in an afternoon, using Testors acrylic paints.

1. I decided to paint a different design on each rock. Starting with white paint from the Matte Primary Colors 3-pack acrylic craft set as a base, I painted the word “Believe” and a heart with a ½” Testors’ nylon paintbrush. This paint is thick and creamy, and went on smoothly, forming the shape of the heart nicely. The short handle of the paintbrush worked great for working on a small surface like this.

Quick tip: I quickly discovered that a rock with a porous surface works much better than a rock with a shiny surface, so I decided to go with 2 rocks for this project.

2. I let the paint dry, and then applied a second coat of white paint, because I wanted the heart and the lettering to really stand out

Testors acrylic paints
The white Testors acrylic paint really popped on the stones.

3. Going back in with one of Testors’ smaller brushes, I added a red shadow to the letters in “Believe” with Stop Sign (a fantastic red shade) from the Matte Primary Colors set, and another heart shape on the other rock with Coral Cove from the Matte Island Colors set.

Testors paintbrushes
Testors brushes make it easy to apply paint to create precise designs.

4. Using one of Testors’ new Mini Sponges, I added dots around the white heart in 2 of the Island Colors: Coral Cove and Turquoise, pushing down on the sponge a bit to make the dots a little bigger. The creaminess of the paint made for nice bold dots, and the Mini Sponges were perfect applicators for this technique.

Dots created with Testors Mini Sponge
Dots were created around the heart with a Testors Mini Sponge.

5. I added dots to the “Believe” rock as well, using lighter pressure this time, and then used the Mini Sponge tip like a brush to add the stars. I can see these Mini Sponges coming in handy in a lot of painting projects. They’re ideal for small spaces and quick touchups.

These painted stones make great gifts—use them as paperweights, or group them together in a bowl or basket for a beautiful home décor accent. Organize a painting party and invite family and friends over for a fun, creative gathering. Don’t forget to sign up on our Sweepstakes page to win this amazing prize!


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