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Today is day five of the Cloth Paper Scissors Holiday Sweepstakes, and we’re giving away some incredible prizes! Sign up today through through November 23rd for a chance to win books, art supplies, gift certificates to your favorite companies, and more. On the Cloth Paper Scissors blog we’re also featuring quick projects that feature some of the prizes, so check back often. The prize for today is a great Chameleon Pens Super Set, and tomorrow’s prize is a fantastic bundle of embellishments, paints, and more from Art-C.

Cloth Paper Scissors Holiday Sweepstakes

Thursday’s prize is an amazing prize pack from Therm O Web, which includes iCraft® Mixed Media Sheets, adhesives, and metallic Deco Foil™ Transfer Sheets, and much more. Have you incorporated foiling in your artwork yet? If not, make a date to do so. Foiling is a game changer. Metallic paints are great, glitter markers are wonderful, but foiling takes things to another level.

Therm O Web iCraft Deco Foil
These beautiful foils are part of the Therm O Web prize package!

The mirror-finish shine it produces is incomparable. The first time you pull back the foil to reveal the gleaming design, you will ooh and ahh out loud—the effect is that dramatic. The best thing about Therm O Web’s foiling system is that it leaves you in complete control of the design and color. Draw an image, outline something, write a word, use a stencil—it’s completely up to you. As for color, you can go classic with gold or silver, or mix it up with some of the gorgeous jewel tones and ombre shades available. Try foiling on different surfaces, such as fabric—the look is just as amazing.

For this art journal page I started by creating a leaf design with a stencil, using watercolor, and let it dry.

Stencils and watercolor
Use watercolors with stencils to get a unique, painterly look.

I also created some splatters by tapping a wet brush over the page.

Stenciled leaf
The finished leaf, accented with some paint splatters.

I then drew a rough outline around the leaf with a iCraft Deco Foil Adhesive Pen, and let it set until tacky. The pen is very easy to use, and glides over the paper.

iCraft Deco Foil Adhesive Pen
The iCraft Deco Foil Adhesive Pen works well for outlining designs.

I then pressed a sheet of gold Deco Foil on top. Foiling can be accomplished with a laminating machine or a die-cut machine; I chose to firmly burnish the foil on top of the adhesive.

Therm O Web iCraft Deco Foil
Always press the foil with the color side up.

Here’s how a section look after I removed the foil. Beautiful, no? It’s even better in person, I promise.

Therm O Web iCraft Deco Foil gold
A section of the leaf is foiled–look at the shine!

I finished foiling the rest of the leaf with the same sheet:

Foiling outline
The finished foil leaf, outlined with gold foiling.

Then I wrote the word “Shine” at the bottom of the page and added some marks on the side, again with the pen, which is super easy to use and glides on the paper. After the glue set I rubbed on Summer Rainbow foil, and got this beautiful ombre color:

iCraft Deco Foil Adhesive Pen
The Adhesive Pen makes it easy to write in any style.

Quick tip: Don’t toss your foil sheets after using them—you can re-use a foil sheet if it still has the metallic color on it.

You can also foil ephemera. I rubbed the Adhesive Pen on the edges of a vintage postage stamp, foiled it, and here’s how it looked:

Therm O Web iCraft Deco Foil on ephemera
Foil can be used on ephemera, like this vintage postage stamp

Here’s the finished art journal page. When the light hits it, it absolutely glows, and that’s all because of that beautiful foil.

Art journal page with Therm O Web iCraft Deco Foil
Foiling adds so much interest and dimension to this art journal page.

Sign up now to win this fantastic Therm O Web prize package on our Sweepstakes page, and add some foiling to your artwork this holiday season.


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