How to Draw Spiralinks: A Zen Doodle Pattern

Many of us are celebrating the American holiday Thanksgiving around the dinner table with our family and friends this week, so it seems fitting to talk about what we’re grateful for. I can say with confidence that our entire team appreciates hearing from you, seeing your artwork, and sharing with you the art techniques we know you'll love, in our magazines and online.

zendoodle pattern
“Pin” this Spiralinks tangle by Barbara Kaiser for future reference.

I could go on about the many people and things that I so appreciate, but that could take forever, and we have art to make. I’ve chosen this zendoodle pattern by Barbara Kaiser to share with you. It’s featured in Zen Doodle: Oodles of Doodles, a book that’s so new, it’s currently only available for pre-order. Here’s a little peek at what you’ll find inside.

How to draw a zen doodle
Step 1 (left); Step 2 (middle); Step 3 (right)

Spiralinks by Barbara Kaiser

1. Begin by drawing a line of cursive Cs. Draw a curved line connecting the top of one C to the next. Draw a straight line down from the inside of the C and a curved line connecting the straight lines. Add embellishments and shading.

2. Draw a grid. Put a small filled square in this pattern, moving across from left to right, upper left, bottom left. Next row, reverse it, upper right, bottom right. Add random L shapes to each box and randomly fill them in or add thicker lines. Add shading.

3. Pencil in a grid, then fill in every other square. Working top to bottom, draw a line on the left side to connect every other box. Move to the next row on the left and down to connect every other box. Pencil in the center of each row from top to bottom and add shading. ~B.K.

I chose this particular zen doodle pattern because I love the depth that’s created with the twisting nature of the lines. Find more tangles like this in Zen Doodle: Oodles of Doodles, so you can incorporate the designs into your own drawings, or simply get lost in the fun of doodling.

However and wherever you choose to draw, I hope that you feel as grateful as I do that we have a creative outlet in art.

Giving thanks,


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