How to Make Your Own Stamps and Stamping Techniques: New Free eBook

Want to make a good impression? Then make your own stamps!

how to make a stamp

In this free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors, How to Make a Stamp: 4 Free Articles on Carving Art Stamps and Stamping Techniques, four talented artists will show you how to make art stamps, foam stamps, and roller stamps; teach you stamp carving; and give you stamping ideas. You can use these techniques to make backgrounds, design your own printed fabric or papers, or create a unique piece of art.

In "The Workshop: Roll Out the Backgrounds," Linda Calverley shows how to make your own rolling stamps for paper and fabric. Using mostly recycled cylindrical objects, glue, and cutting tools, she explains how to carve rolling stamps from corks and foam insulation. Linda also offers stamping ideas for rollers and patterns and offers tips on how to stamp with these objects.

how to make a stamp
Stamped tag by Pat Gaignat.

Leann Meixner helps you achieve a gritty and graphic look with her tutorial called "Letter Imperfect: Hand-cut Stencils and Alphabet Stamps Invoke the Graffiti Look." Leann shows you how to use a photograph as the basis for your stencil designs, then shows how to carve a stamp out of vinyl erasers or a carving block. Distress ink and dark inks add to the edgy effect.

"The Workshop: Faux Silkscreen," gives you another option for stamping. Patricia Gaignat starts with a simple sketch, transfers it onto sheets of craft foam, and cuts the pieces apart to create foam craft stamps.  Then, using different colored inks, she re-creates the picture with the foam stamps, like putting together a puzzle. This low-tech stamping technique delivers very artistic results.

A more complicated, but extremely satisfying, method of stamp carving and printing is described in Lisa Thorpe's Workshop article, "Reduction Printing: Printing back to front, color by color." Lisa applied this ancient stamping technique to a carving block made of the soft material often used to make rubber stamps and turns it on its head. In reduction printing, you print as you carve, stamping the most detailed image last.

In How to Make a Stamp: 4 Free Articles on Carving Art Stamps and Stamping Techniques, you'll get a wealth of ideas for stamping and making signature works that are uniquely yours. Download your free copy now.

P.S. Do you have friends who like to make their own stamps? Forward them this link so they can download their own copy of How to Make a Stamp: 4 Free Articles on Carving Art Stamps and Stamping Techniques now.


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