How to Make Zendoodle Fabric Beads with Kristal Wick

Do you wish you could do more with your Zendoodles? Kristal Wick has a great idea—make them into fabric beads! Kristal is our guest blogger today, and she shares her top five tips for creating beautiful Zendoodle fabric beads. Kristal also has a fantastic downloadable course available from Interweave: Fabulous Zendoodle Fabric Beads, where you’ll learn all the secrets to making these fun and colorful components. Here’s Kristal! ~ Jeannine

I don’t know about you, but I have always been a doodler. Long before Zendoodle and adult coloring books, I loved spending time chillaxing with my crayons and some good tunes. I always felt better, centered, and blissed out in sheer creativity. As an adult, I’ve found less and less time for this “luxury” of time spent doodling and coloring for fun. I felt rushed, pressured, and approached life like a tightly wound watch ready for my inner springs to boing-boing out of my mind! So, after realizing this lifestyle was NOT sustainable as a human, I decided to embark on a mindfulness journey.

“Secret Garden” silk doodle beaded necklace

I found the quickest path was through my art and started creating–JUST FOR FUN! What… You say no guilt? No expectations? Is it possible? Yup. I am here to share my journey with you! When I was doodling the night away, I would often wonder how to transform my doodles into wearable jewelry, not just masterpieces on paper. So, I developed the perfect mindfulness recipe: 1 part creative doodling on silk, 1 part making beads out of that silk, and 1 part creating beautiful jewelry out of those fab beads = Fabulous Zendoodle Fabric Beads!

I’ve enjoyed this technique so much, I HAD to share it with you so I created this course for anyone, any age who needs a little righteous Zen in their life!

“Have a Heart” silk doodle beaded necklace

Here Are My Top 5 Tips for Creating Fabulous Zendoodle Fabric Beads

1. Pick your colors.

Select your watercolor pencil palette before you begin. Audition the colors to see what combination you like and then lay the pencils to the side of your fabric so they don’t get put away. If you have to add more doodles later, you can be sure the colors are the same.

2. Just add water!

When using water and brush to activate the colored pigments of watercolor pencils, try to do all similar colors at the same time. This keeps your brush clean, and the colors don’t get muddy. Be sure to wipe off excess pigments on a paper towel occasionally, and particularly when moving on to a different color.

So many colors, so little time!

3. Blend and mix.

Once you color in a design with your watercolor pencils, add different colors on top of your first color to achieve shading and texture in your work.

Blending and shading

4. Feel the pressure.

Use varying levels of pressure when coloring in your designs to create more color depth and saturation in your work.

Doodle your heart out!

5. Dry, baby dry.

Make sure your fabric is completely dry before using a permanent marker for outlining if you want a clean, crisp line. The pen lines can run if the fabric is still wet. On the other hand, if you desire a blurry line, using the pen on wet fabric is another enjoyable technique.

Doodle your heart out!

Take a deep breath, come along with me and prepare to Zen out! You’re worth it!

Not sure what to do with all those doodles? In the course Getting Started Bead Making Series: Fabulous Zendoodle Fabric Beads, instructor Kristal Wick show you how to create unique Zendoodle artwork that you’ll transform into fabulous fabric beads!!

Internationally award-winning designer, teacher and official Swarovski Instructor Kristal Wick resides with her two puppies, Sparkle and Bling, in beautiful Colorado. Kristal’s fashion endeavors include designing and creating jewelry for the Jimmy Buffet Band backup singers and dancers, appearing numerous times on HGTV, PBS, JTV, and teaching on cruise ships worldwide, including Debbie Macomber’s Alaskan Yarn cruise. Her main goal in living a creative life is to inspire others to take time to mindfully tap into that forgotten, heartfelt center and reach their highest creative potential!

Kristal is the author of Fabulous Fabric Beads, Metal Clay 101 for Beaders, Foxy Epoxy, and Sassy Silky Savvy. She hosts the videos Mixed Media: Beaded Bracelets with Fiber Beads, Crystals, Resin and Wire (DVD and video download) and Mixed Media: Jewelry Making with Handmade Beads, Crystals, Resin and More! (DVD and video download). She is also a past editor of

Kristal’s jewelry has appeared in galleries spanning the globe, including Santa Fe’s Canyon Road, Alaska, the Cayman Islands, Italy, Germany and the Virgin Islands. Her designs have been featured in over 85 publications.

A 16-year career in corporate America writing computer manuals left Kristal craving a more creatively fulfilling lifestyle. After waking up one day questioning, “Is this all there is?” she decided to take the plunge by applying her skills full time to the art, jewelry and fashion world. When her customers requested a lighter material for earlobes abused by heavy jewelry, Kristal spent some time in R&P mode (Research & Play) and introduced the elegance of silk to her jewelry line. Within a few months, her innovative silk scroll jewelry Sassy Silkies™ was born, and she is happy to report they are nearly weightless, colorful and sacred – all rolled up in one unique scroll. Earlobes rejoice!

To learn more about Kristal and her work, check out her website at

This course is based on Kristal’s best-selling book Fabulous Fabric Beads, available at Interweave.


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