How to Rebind a Book for a Custom Art Journal with Jane Davenport






After working on Jane Daveport’s Art Lessons this year, I have become obsessed with altered book art. I can only admit that here because I have a sneaking suspicion many of you share my obsession.






Working in a book she altered specifically for these lessons, Jane has created an amazing flip-through catalogue of the supplies she features in each lesson. What is truly cool about her altered book is what she did before journaling, the altering part.












Jane added signatures of watercolor paper, old sketches, and more, to break up the textures in the book and give herself more opportunity to experiment. We have all seen altered books, but what about a book that truly becomes your sketchbook?











Obviously, I love anything bookbinding related, but I think Jane’s altered book technique is a great way to repurpose otherwise discarded books and make them your own.




The best part of Jane’s mixed-media altered book? How amazingly simple it is to do yourself. Jane has created a special video illustrating and explaining the process that you can access by joining her Facebook group:





Everything she has done in these Art Lessons, and her altered book, has truly converted me into an altered book lover. I am now scrounging around thrift stores looking for interesting and quirky books to play in.

What do you art journal in?


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