How to Stock Your Studio: An Editors Picks

HeadshotGuess what today is? Today is the day that Lucy Talbot gave birth to a bouncing baby girl—39 (REAL) years ago—Thanks Mum! Yup, it’s my birthday. And you can probably tell that I’m not too shy about it. (I’m even giving YOU the opportunity to get an Un-birthday gift from me—Read below.)

I’m really looking forward to this coming year, my last one before the big 40! And I know it’s going to be great. I already have all the prerequisite stuff: a great job, a cool house (that used to house horses), a wonderful husband, a fabulous set of daughters, and a mostly-behaved Puerto Rican mutt who loves to cuddle.

So what else would an editor ask for? Well, let me tell you. I took a couple moments to scan through the Interweave store and see what I’d recommend and found a few things I need (ok, want) to add to my studio.

I love learning new techniques to use in my mixed-media art. I think this downloadable e-book will really kick start my cold connecting knowledge.

Ever since I edited our upcoming Artist Profile with Susan Lenart Kazmer, I’ve been wanting to learn more about these connections. This seems to be a manageable way to start.

Golden fluid acrylics? Yes, it’s true, I already have lots, but these colors are some of my FAVES, so I always need to replenish them (especially before my gelatin printing class at CREATE this summer!) Seriously, if everyone I know and love bought me Green Gold, I would still run out of it!
Sigh… I love these inks. But, I don’t have all the Adirondack® Ink colors yet. I love using these inks, especially on metal and glass. I just finished a series of vintage chandelier crystal necklaces and used these inks. I wish I had every color to choose from so that I could create just the right piece for my art. I love their diminutive size, it makes storing them very easy.
These last three supplies (alpaca roving, a felting pen, and a felting mat) are a little unusual for me, but I’m an unusual sort of person. I’ve seen a number of Quilting Arts projects come through the doors since I started working here and I’m intrigued by those with the felted additions. I think I have a couple ideas for incorporating this art into my work—once I learn how to actually felt! It’s never too late to learn something new.

Do you have any of these supplies? What would you add to your list? Let me know in the comments.

In honor of my birthday, I’ll be giving away an “un-birthday” gift of mixed-media goodies to one lucky (and randomly chosen) winner. Just comment by noon EST on Friday, June 11th, to be entered to win. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 14th. Good Luck!






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