If Mixed-Media Art is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

When Pam Carriker asked me to contribute to her mixed-media art techniques book, Art at the Speed of Life, she had a specific topic for me to address: "Art ADD."

mixed-media collage by cate prato
My collage of favorite media and art techniques, represented as a wheel of fortune.

Was I offended that she thought of me for this topic? Heck no. All I could say was, "Pam, you've come to the right place." Because, when it comes to making art, I am as unfocused as a dog in a roomful of squirrels. Or rabbits. Or squeaky toys. Hey, did you know blue is my favorite color?

Where was I? Oh yes, Art ADD. I just can't help myself. There are so many fun mixed-media art techniques and materials to try. Paper is wonderful, and there are so many papers–ephemera, art papers, handmade papers! Fabric is fun to sew, and you can glue it on things, too, and print on it, and paint on it.

Paint! I love paint! Acrylic paint, watercolor paint, fabric paint…which you can also use for printing.

Ohhhh, printing–screen printing, block printing, rubber stamping…I love rubber stamps and stamp making. Which makes me think of. . .ink.

See what I mean? Of course you do! And I haven't even mentioned found objects, collage, mixed-media assemblage, art journaling…

My studio–heck, my house–is littered with the evidence of my Art ADDictions. But I have also had a ton of fun, and I am never bored. There's always something new to try, or try again, or use in a different way.

I am not ashamed of my Art ADD at all, nor should I be, nor do I want to be cured. I mean, if mixed media is wrong, I don't want to be right.

And when I want to learn something new–and I will want to learn something new–I just click onto the CraftDaily website, where I can use my subscription to learn tips, tricks, and techniques for mixed-media art or branch out into art quilting, jewelry making, weaving, beading, sewing, spinning and so on through full-length videos on demand.

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Did I mention I knit?

P.S. Do you have Art ADD? What the signs? Leave a comment below.




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