Paint What You Love and Love What You Paint

You may already know of Sue Pelletier’s distinct and personal mixed-media art from her book, Collage Paint Draw, which I’ve featured here previously. The book includes step-by-step lessons for beginners, including this simple demo on how to create an image transfer using packing tape (below). I’m bringing this title to your attention today because if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, now is the time–it’s on sale as part of an exclusive collection for only $17.33, and includes two video downloads and a set of art stencils. The book alone retails for $24.99, so at this sale price, it’s a steal!

Check out a snippet from Sue’s book here, and as you hone your mixed-media art skills, consider entering your best in the Cloth Paper Scissors Mixed Media Excellence Awards. For now, enjoy this free mini lesson.

Mixed-media art by Sue Pelletier |
Pin this mixed-media art by Sue Pelletier!

Create the Unexpected by Sue Pelletier

I have come to realize as an artist that whatever I paint has to come from my soul, which is why my imagery is often similar: a house, a bird, a childhood dress, a Mary Jane shoe, numbers, chairs, ladders. They’re all images that I hold near and dear to myself and to the day-to-day journey of life. These images remind me of my own childhood and my role as a mother, artist, and teacher. You paint what you love, and love what you paint.

My artwork is full of layers: fabric, paint and mediums to build up surfaces with rich texture. I like to create the unexpected. My life is full of layers, too: my children, my home, humor and creating art. In art and life there is more than just what’s on the surface. I’m drawn to painterly, rich textural surfaces created with paints, mediums or collage materials and am blissfully happy when I can combine any of those in creating a piece of art. My work has acolorful, playful vibe to it. However, often there’s a grittiness mixed into a part of the painting. For instance, the way I outline something or go back into a piece with a pencil and scribble on paint or raw canvas. I love the juxtaposition of working like this, sweet but often with an edge. Shake things up with your artwork; don’t always do what feels totally comfortable. Try to push yourself in new directions while remaining comfortable and true to yourself as an artist.

Mixed-media art by Sue Pelletier |
Image transfer in mixed-media art

Step-by-Step: Packing Tape Image Transfer

I’m drawn to this one particular photo of my kids when they were small. I have it framed in my home, and I have used it in my art. I love the simplicity of the packing tape transfer. I also love that when you rub the photo off the tape, the results are a bit unpredictable. The transfer will have an aged, vintage quality to it that goes hand in hand with my work. I love the fact that with this painting I was able to combine the image of my kids with a representation of the house they were raised in since it was a green house with purple shutters.

How to make an image transfer | Sue Pelletier,
Image transfer, step 1

1. Print and Tape the Photo: Print a photo to use for this project. Make sure the photo you use isn’t printed on an ink-jet printer. An ink-jet photo won’t stick to the packing tape. A Xerox or toner-printed photo works best. Once you have your chosen photo, cover the top of it with strips of packing tape (line up the strips side by side). Burnish the taped image to help the ink transfer (use your fingers, a spoon or burnishing tool). Then put the image in warm water to soak.

How to make an image transfer | Sue Pelletier,
Image transfer, step 2

2. Peel the Paper Off: Gently peel the wet paper from the tape. You can choose to leave some of the paper on or take most of it off. Voilá, instant easy transfer. The image remains on the tape! ~Sue

Learn even more mixed-media art techniques from Sue with the Collage, Paint, Draw Collection, which is on sale for only $17.33 (reduced from $75.89) for a limited time! This special offer includes Collage Paint Draw: Explore Mixed Media Techniques and Materials (book), Textures for Collage: Build ’em Up! (video download), Preparing to Paint: How to Add Texture, Depth & Personality to Your Art (video download), AND a set of Stencil Girl stencils designed by Sue Pelletier!

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