Improve Your Online Presence: Live webinar with art coach Mary Edwards

Do your website, professional Facebook page, and Instagram account need a little sprucing up? Would you like to improve your overall presence online? Join art coach Mary Edwards and me for a live webinar, "Improve Your Online Presence," this Thursday, March 19th at 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Mary will talk about how to create an authentic online presence that will help you grow your business and your audience, and she'll be taking your questions at the end. I'll be hosting with Mary, and I hope you'll join us for this fantastic event.

I started working with Mary Edwards, a career and life coach for artists, while putting together the fall 2014 issue of Studios magazine. I was already a fan of her columns, but I could tell from our first conversation how passionate she was about helping artists achieve their goals. That's why I was so eager to bring her on board Artists & Makers magazine to write the Ask the Art Coach column. Her insights are always spot on because she understands the challenges artists face.

To kick off the webinar, I asked Mary a few questions about how she helps artists, and the importance of having a strong and genuine presence online.

Jeannine: Mary, what does an art coach do, and what is the value of working with an art coach?

Mary: There are many kinds of art coaches, but I work with artists on their career goals. This might mean getting into a gallery, selling more work, or establishing an art business. When you work with a coach, you have a partner who helps you create a strategy and action plan, and then shows you how to make it all happen.

Jeannine: Your webinar is about improving your online presence. Most artists know how to navigate Facebook and Instagram, so what else do they need to understand?

Mary: The challenge is to create a consistent digital presence that is both authentic and professional. What should you include? What should you leave out? How do you decide? These are some of the questions we will explore in the webinar. 

Jeannine: How can artists benefit from having a great online presence?

Mary: Having a great online presence can build a following for your workshops, show a gallery that you have an audience, help you sell more work online. Whatever your goal, your digital self is a great marketing tool.

Don't forget to join Mary and me this Thursday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time for this informative webinar. We'll see you there!


(Illustration by Bekah Thrasher)



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