In Honor of Earth Day: Four Nature-Inspired Artworks

Often, when people think of Earth Day, they consider ways to actively make a difference. But you already know that we should all be reducing, reusing, and recycling. So, instead of focusing on ways to make your art more earth friendly, I’d like to honor this special day by celebrating artwork that celebrates the beauty of Nature. This approach is a little more passive than I normally am when it comes to the environment, but I also think it’s OK to use Earth Day as a time to reflect on Nature as a subject, for she inspires so very many of us.

Four Nature-Inspired Artworks

Leaf Impressions by Deborah Pierro
Winter Solstice by Mary Katherine Hopkins
White Fish by Art Gal
Whispers by Seth Apter

Aren’t these refreshing? Tell me how you honor Earth Day—as an activist or as an artist—in the comments below.

Your tree-hugging friend,





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