In the Bag: My Favorite Art Journaling Supplies

art journal
My prepped art journal page.

cate pratoA few weeks ago I wrote about getting ready for a trip by prepping my art journal pages with backgrounds and assembling an on-the-go kit.

Well, all that still stands. But after experimenting with art journaling techniques lately and encouraged by art journaling and mixed-media layering WorkshopTM videos, I decided to add a few more supplies to my journaling knapsack, if you will.

Art is a process, no?

I’ve decided I just can’t live without a couple of heavy-duty, washable stencils. I particularly like the one’s by Crafter’s Workshop. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and they can be used in multiple ways. I have the Doodle Flower; it gives me all sorts of ways to make dots and squiggles of varying size.

art journaling supplies
Doodle Flower stencil spritzed with Smooch and other spray colorants.

I also need a couple of bottles of SmoochTM ink and SmoochTM spritz. The ink bottles have a very fine brush that’s nice for adding details and a little shine. The spritzers work well with my stencils and send a fine spray or larger splotches, depending on how close you hold them to your paper or canvas. Both have an interesting effect on your work.

I’ve also grown quite partial to Lutradur®, that nonwoven material that can be cut, burned, painted, stamped on, and stitched, all without fraying. It’s multi-use qualities, plus the fact that it is lightweight, make it a perfect traveling companion.

Well, my traveling art journal knapsack is packed and ready to go. What about yours? If you need supplies, be sure to visit the Cloth Paper Scissors Shop where hundreds of mixed-media supplies are 15% off for a limited time.

P.S. What are your favorite art-journaling-on-the-go supplies? Don’t keep them a secret: leave a comment.


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