How to Inspire Creativity and Change the World

Light by Christine Castro Hughes
Light by Christine Castro Hughes

Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World
Christine Mason Miller

Your heart will burst open reading the pages of this beautiful ebook by Christine Mason Miller. Filled with inspiration from her colleagues, mentors, and friends, the pages inspire creativity in new and profound ways! If your soul is yearning for motivation, if you want to make a difference in the world, if you are itching for change, this book is for you. Here are a few quotes and highlights. ~Tamara


1. We all have a divine light within us and when we choose to share it, we leave a positive imprint on the world. By putting this into practice in the smaller spaces—in an e-mail, at the grocery store, with our families—we build our inspirational and compassionate muscles, which can then be flexed in other, perhaps “bigger” ways, such as situations that feel more challenging. (page 18)

2. Creating a meaningful life isn’t about following a one-size-fits-all magic formula or compartmentalizing our lives and selves into separate categories of worthiness, but about finding and developing daily habits that work with the details of your life. (page 29)

3. Every step taken toward your most passionate, meaningful life is the highest service you can offer the world. (page 79)

4. By staying true to myself I ensure that what I give to the world will be unique, special, and one-of-a-kind. (page 88)

5. Abundance, inspiration, opportunities and insights are available to everyone—in every moment—and because each of us is in the process of living a wholly unique life, there is no need to worry that these gifts will be threatened by the success or contributions of anyone else. (page 90)

6. Whether a moment instills joy, fear, shock or excitement, it is all energy that I am capable of transforming and using creatively. (page 102)

7. Great, even brilliant, ideas might be easy to come by, but following them through to their ultimate expression takes perseverance, tenacity, grit, passion, commitment and a steadfast, if not unwavering, belief in ourselves and in our ability to creatively transmute a challenge into an opportunity. (page 105)

8. If being a Force of Good is about discovering the light within and letting it shine in as many directions as possible, then being of service to others is about directing that unique light where it is most needed. (page 114)

Follow Your Heart by Carmen Torbus
Follow Your Heart by Carmen Torbus


“Drains My Soul/Feeds My Soul” Created by Penelope Dullaghan
“Speaking Our Truth” by Kate Swoboda
“Finding Your Own Parades” Created by Mary Anne Radmacher
“The Giving Jar” Created by Mindy Tsonas

Love the Now by McCabe Russell
Love the Now by McCabe Russell


“The Superhero in You” Created by Jamie Ridler
“Your Own Personal Field Trip” Created by Liz Kalloch
“The Mission Statement Inventory”


Chapter 1: A Force of Good
Chapter 2: The Foundation
Chapter 3: Walking Hand in Hand
Chapter 4: Mentors, Guides & Beacons of Light
Chapter 5: Twists, Turns and other Beautiful Surprises
Chapter 6: The Ripple Effect of Inspiration
Chapter 7: Plenty of Room for Everyone
Chapter 8: Finding the Way Through
Chapter 9: The World Outside Ourselves
Chapter 10: Declarations & Intentions


Pixie Campbell, Anne Carmack, Christine Castro Hughes, Tracey Clark, Penelope Dullaghan, Marianne Elliott, Liz Kalloch, Andrea Kreuzhage, Jennifer Lee, Vineeta Nair, Christen Olivarez, Mary Anne Radmacher, Jamie Ridler, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Carolyn Rubenstein, McCabe Russell, Kate Swodoba, Carmen Torbus, Mindy Tsonas, and author, Christine Mason Miller.

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Desire to Inspire by Christine Mason Miller
Desire to Inspire by Christine Mason Miller




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