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I totally enjoyed watching Ruth Rae's Fabric Collage DVD. I love working with fabric and I learned some fun ways to layer, add texture, and alter fabric. Ruth's teaching style is relaxed and easy to follow.

In this DVD, you'll earn how to combine opaque and translucent fabrics, create "windows," and capture dimensional elements.

In addition, there is plenty of information on altering and distressing fabrics. And Ruth shows how to add interest with free-motion stitching.

I was inspired to try some of Ruth's fabric art techniques and had a blast doing it.


I started with muslin and frayed the edges, pulling threads until I had a nice "fringe."

I layered some organza on top and then a second, smaller layer of organza, planning to create a "window" with beads inside. On top came a layer of cotton fabric with a sheet music motif.

Once I had the fabrics I wanted assembled, I decided to make my "window" in a heart shape and cut a heart in the muslin and in the cotton, but left the organza intact.

I layered the fabrics again and free-motion stitched around the heart, leaving an opening to slide the beads into the heart, and then finished stitching. I loosely stitched around the heart three times. I trimmed the heart shape fabric piece and then hand stitched it onto the front and added a G-clef and another hand-stitched heart.

I applied heat to the organza overhanging the edges to add more texture, and then added a button and some sari silk ribbon at the top.

I have plans for this piece, possibly a gift tag . . . or I may add it to a handmade fabric gift bag, cutting a hole in the bag to showcase the beads in the window, of course.


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If you're looking for some fabric fun, check out this new DVD, Fabric Collage by Ruth Rae. You'll be happy you did.



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