It Was Awesome and Insane

You may know Paige Martin from Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and her blog posts on our site. She's been working on an exciting new project that I've invited her to share with you today. Our team recently launched Mixed Media Workshop TV—a series that brings art lessons to you, wherever you choose to learn. Season One includes videos on topics such as needle felting, book art, upcycling, and more. As you'll see from Paige's behind-the-scenes report, the fun of creating just flows from the team.

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The Making of Mixed-Media Workshop TV, Season One by Paige Martin

Preparing and filming a TV series can be both awesome and insane.

The lovely and talented Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

After spending months collecting mixed-media products, creating art, and planning segments, we finally filmed the first season of the Mixed-Media Workshop this past April in Colorado. Let me step back for a minute and mention that this show is something that Jenn Mason has been working toward almost since the first day she joined Cloth Paper Scissors. With Jenn and the fabulous Julie Fei-Fan Balzer as our hosts, this production shows our passion for mixed-media art and the products, tools, techniques, and innovations that are a part of this awesome art form. During that single week in April we managed to film an entire season of 13 episodes, and two DVDs. Like I said, it was a little crazy.

When you watch the show everything looks clean and stylized on set. But if you could see behind the camera, you'd have a clear view of the chaos: me running around like a mad woman, projects spread out on huge baking trays, and boxes upon boxes of art products. While filming, I spent my time preparing projects for the show, making sure everything went smoothly, and taking production notes. Basically, I tried to make life as easy as possible for everyone else—which usually involved me climbing over boxes, being surrounded by boxes, and unpacking or filling boxes.

Laughter makes the world go 'round! This is me with our fabulous make up artist/hair stylist, Corey.

My favorite part of being on this team project was the humorous hysteria, both on and off set. The amount of work we did could have felt so much more stressful—had Jenn and Julie not made us laugh so much. From Garrett, Nick, and Lauren (our video team) to Jenn and Julie, this team made mixed media the fun and messy experience we all know it to be. Whether that entailed goofing around on set or Jenn and Julie playfully screaming my name when they needed materials, the fun atmosphere made us feel like we were hanging out with our friends in the studio, and I know that this energy will come through when you view each episode at home.

With Season Two around the corner I actually find myself looking forward to the crazy week, the goofy photos, and embarrassing videos I'll take of Jenn and Julie (that I will then share with all of you, of course).

How do you know you're working with an awesome team? When they even make time for you to film your own DVD. That's right, you can call me "Paige, the film star," and then learn bookbinding with my DVD later this year! It was kind of terrifying to find myself actually in front of the camera. But being terrified can be good inspiration sometimes, right? Either way, I'm looking forward to another round of awesome insanity, and hope you'll join us in this exciting world of mixed-media workshops. ~Paige




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