It’s Simple: Zen Doodle and Coloring Are Fun!

It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of Tiffany Lovering’s series of art workshop videos last year on how to create Zen doodle artwork. So I’m happy to share with you her new book, Love to Color: Petals, Patterns, and Doodles. It’s a coloring book for adults that features pages of doodled designs ready to be filled in with beautiful colors, creating even more stunning patterns.

Coloring books for adults, doodles by Tiffany Lovering |
Zen doodle coloring page by Tiffany Lovering

On Coloring by Tiffany Lovering

When I was a child, there was nothing better than receiving a brand new coloring book and box of crayons.

Coloring was an activity that could easily occupy me for hours without me even realizing time had passed. It was fun to find just the right color for a princess dress or a variety of colors for a magical garden. As I reached my teen years, I would search for more intricate coloring books that were nearly impossible to find in a department store. I eventually realized that I would have to create the coloring pages I was looking for. That’s how my love of doodling began. Every day after school for more than a week I would draw very intricate pieces, and when they were complete I would hand the pages off to my mother for her to make copies for me to color.

When I started my YouTube channel in 2013, I knew that I wanted to eventually create a coloring book. The doodles, mandalas, and tangles that I draw always look better after shading and coloring is added, and I loved hearing how those who watched my videos would have colored the pieces I created. As my drawings became larger and more intricate, my daughter Alli would ask if she could color them. That’s when I knew that I was ready to create a coloring book.

Coloring books with intricate drawings have increasingly become more popular. It’s a stress-relieving, relaxing, mindful meditation, a therapeutic activity that anyone can do. I wish I could claim that it was for these reasons that I created a coloring book as they sound a little more sophisticated than the true reason I did it: Coloring is fun. As much as I love drawing, it’s no secret that my favorite part of the drawing process is adding shading and coloring. It’s what adds life to my pages.

Each of these coloring book pages took anywhere from two to five hours for me to draw, but they will provide many more hours of enjoyable coloring for you. Use your favorite colored pencils, markers, or even some crayons to bring these pages to life with color. I encourage you to try different shading and coloring techniques within this book, and have fun while making these pages beautiful. ~Tiffany

Get the Zen Doodle Unleashed: Love to Color Value Pack, which is only available in the Interweave store. It includes Love to Color, Zen Doodle Unleashed, and a set of Chameleon markers in cool tones. The markers are perfect for coloring because they create an ombre effect. Very cool, if you ask me.

Happy coloring,

Stay tuned–tomorrow’s topic is learning how to draw mandalas!

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