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What a stagnant world it would be if we didn't share our skills. Teaching each other what we know pushes our civilization forward, in all areas, including art. One of my favorite sayings is, learn the rules, and then break them. With my appetite for education and mental expansion, I learn everything I can from experience and from those who are willing to teach. Thank goodness for them!

Signs by Jodi Ohl

Perhaps you're an artist who's willing to teach. If you've been looking for a way to share your process and skills with others, then this exclusive kit of the month is for you. Teaching locally is a wonderful way to start, but what if you could project your art and inspiration to someone halfway around the world? If you'd like to do that, but don't know how, take a look at this one-of-a-kind kit.

Soar by Jodi Ohl

For a limited time, the Interweave store is offering a DIY Workshop Videos kit, which includes webinars by mixed-media artist Jodi Ohl on how to teach and create online workshops, as well as the basic hardware (such as a microphone, clamp, cable, and tripod) that you need to get started. Scroll down or click here to learn moreAnd if you're looking for video workshop inspiration, visit for a free trial weekend now through Sunday, May 11. Use promo code CDTVFREE, and enjoy!

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