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International Quilt Festival/Houston, here we come!
Save the date: November 4 ­­– 7, 2010

It’s that time again! Quilts Inc. and the publishers of Cloth Paper Scissors® magazine are proud to bring you Make It University!™ with Cloth Paper Scissors®, a place for artistic discovery. This hands-on section is bursting with creative activity, so come join us right on the show floor where mixed-media, paper, and fiber art vendors will be selling one-of-a-kind mixed-media supplies, books, kits, novelty papers, embellishment supplies, and paints. There will be lots of hands-on, hour-long workshops, demonstrations, and challenges you can sign up for on the show floor—everything from fabric postcards and mixed-media jewelry to embossed metal designs. Plus, many of your favorite artists will be on hand to demonstrate and share their art processes in Open Studios, including Jamie Fingal, Leslie Jenison, Pokey Bolton, Jane LaFazio, Judy Perez, and many more!


ATC wall girl  
Happy traders at the Trading Post, trading their artist trading cards (ATCs).  

And don’t forget to make art ahead of time to trade with others! Join us at the Trading Post where during show hours you can trade a variety of art: Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), fabric postcards, small art quilts, fiber and mixed-media jewelry, Inchies, you name it! Bring as many items to trade as you like.

For the full Workshop schedule and listing of events at Make It University!TM check out the Make It University!TM web page.

To whet your appetite for the kinds of arty goods we’ll be creating in the Make It University!™ Workshops, here’s a funky fabric cuff project to wear to the show, courtesy of Alisa Burke who joined us at Make It University!TM in Long Beach this past summer.

  Students in MIU
  Class participants busily working
in Make It University!TM .

See you in Houston!

Creative Cuff
By Alisa Burke

A simple cuff bracelet is an easy way to add a bold accessory to your wardrobe and it allows you to make good use of all your scrap fabric, buttons, and fiber. I use a variety of hand-painted canvas and fabric, fabric scraps, and buttons to make these creative cuffs that are sure to liven up any outfit!


  • Strips of canvas or fabric
  • Lots of small fabric and fiber scraps
  • Buttons
  • Needle and thread, and/or sewing machine
  • Materials for closure (button, elastic, stretchy hair tie, decorative cord, or ribbon) 
Creative Cuffs by Alisa Burke.  


1. Start by choosing a strip of fabric that measures roughly 3" x 8" for the base of your cuff.

2. Begin layering fabric onto the base in strips or shapes, using either a sewing machine or hand sewing. 

Tip: Have fun with your stitches; try free-motion sewing all over your layers or even using messy hand stitching to create contrast and interest with thread.

3. After you are happy with all of the layers of fabric, create dimension by adding buttons, beads, and scraps of fiber and fabric. Try using materials that will create depth and interest in the surface, or use a specific color combo to unite your different elements. You can try filling in as much of the surface as possible, or focusing on one section only.

4. Once you are happy with the surface, decide how you want to create a closure. If you are using a button on one side of the cuff, now would be the time to attach it.

5. Pick a piece of fabric for lining the back of your cuff. I like to use something that will be soft next to my skin.

6. Cut to size and sew both pieces together along all the edges except for the edge where you will be attaching your loop.

7. Attach a loop of cord, elastic, or ribbon by placing it inside the front and back of the cuff, and then sew the edge together.


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