Learn Creative Lettering with ‘Delectable Doodles and Beyond’

Looking to add some pizzazz and creativity to your lettering? Join artist Kari McKnight-Holbrook for an illustrative web seminar, Delectable Doodles and Beyond, on Thursday, August 29, at 4:00p.m. EST.

Learn how to turn doodles into unique lettering and how to make your own funky fonts! Kari will cover a range of helpful topics:

  • Which materials you’ll need to start drawing fonts
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the basic process for creating fonts
  • Ways to enhance your fonts, including accents, waves & undulations, and color
  • Images will help your understanding of the font creation process
  • And more!

It is important to remember that uniformity is not the goal when creating fonts. Instead, let the magic happen and take advantage of this opportunity to let your personality flow into your writing.

Sign up for Delectable Doodles and Beyond now and learn more about how to participate in this fun and informative web seminar.


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