Leoma Lovegrove’s Traveling Art Studio

We’ve been talking a lot lately about artful adventures and creating art-on-the-go. In fact, it’s the theme of our July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, on newsstands now. But what if you want to take the idea of art-on-the-go a step further. Say, with a traveling art studio? Artist Leoma Lovegrove did just that. Leoma’s main art studio is located on Matlacha Island in Florida, but she also has a fantastic mobile studio that she uses to stay inspired and create her vivid, colorful paintings on the road.

Take a tour of Leoma’s traveling art studio in this article from our Studios Summer 2014 issue:

Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens is a whimsical reflection of Leoma herself. It serves as her international headquarters, artist studio, and island gift shop. Photos by Kirsten Troyer

Composition, Commitment, & Color by Leoma Lovegrove


I began my painting career in my early twenties, and I’m still creating 48 years later. This much I know for certain: I need to paint, much in the same way birds need air space to fly.

My mother was a prolific artist. She painted, wrote poetry, played four musical instruments, studied pottery, and designed clothing. I grew up in a very creative environment and began to experiment with my own creativity at a very early age.

When I was in grade school, my art teacher recognized my aptitude for art. He invited me to spend time after class and experiment on my own. The next day, I was called into the principal’s office. My teacher was upset because I had used his entire supply of clay and filled the classroom with quite an assortment of my own creations. I just couldn’t help myself.

This mermaid painting is featured on products at Bealls Department Stores in Florida.

To this day, I am constantly creating something new using anything and everything within reach. People who know me joke that if you stand still for too long near me, you will become my next canvas. Creating gives me daily satisfaction. There is nothing more exciting than the opportunity to make a living by doing something each day that I am passionate about.

My main focus is on acrylic paintings that are both impressionistic and expressionistic. A lover of nature and wildlife, I live in an island paradise in Florida, and many of my paintings depict my natural surroundings. In particular, I enjoy painting the things that represent Florida itself, such as fish, birds, and outdoor landscapes.

I also paint patriotic pieces, such as American flags, September 11th memoranda, and pro-American scenes. Much of my inspiration comes from the experiences my parents had during WWII and from the profound impact September 11th had both on the nation and on me personally.

I enjoy taking simple materials and creating pieces that inspire others. I start with an idea, and then I commit to it while also being open to where the process itself will take me. It’s all about composition, commitment, and color. Just as with life, there is a beginning goal in mind and a certain amount of planning takes place, but what happens outside of the plan is often where the magic is. The same is true with my art.

My main studio is located on Matlacha Island in Florida, and my beautiful surroundings allow me to find inspiration daily. However, I also have a mobile studio that allows me to carry that inspiration with me when I am on the road.

Who wouldn’t want to peek inside? Leoma is always excited to talk with curious guests who pass by her mobile studio.
Every nook in Leoma’s studio is bursting with fun, functionality, and creative inspiration.
When Leoma isn’t traveling, her mobile studio can be found parked outside Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens on Matlacha Island.

My mobile studio is a 14-foot vintage camper from the 1960s. My husband and I originally bought it so that we could travel with our parrot, Solomon. Over the years, however, I found myself spending more and more time using it as an art retreat so that I could keep creating while I was on vacation. Eventually, it became a fullfledged traveling studio.

In my mobile studio, I like to surround myself with things that inspire me, such as photos, letters, inspirational quotes, and—of course—good music. I have filled the walls with both completed and in-progress artwork, and wearable art hangs in the closet.

Leoma uses the refrigerator in her mobile studio to hold her paint and paintbrushes.
This studio may be small, but it is bursting with the vibrant palettes Leoma uses in her artwork.
Anyone following Leoma’s mobile art studio in traffic can enjoy a special window treatment devoted to her favorite rock band, The Beatles.
It isn’t unusual for Leoma to stop traffic with her colorful appearance.

My mobile studio packs a lot into a small space. The refrigerator stores paint and paintbrushes, the sink holds additional supplies, and the counters house vintage toys, fun souvenirs, and memorabilia. Palettes can be found all around the studio, along with canvases at various stages of “Leomitization.”

My mobile studio allows me to take my art to exhibits, shows, and personal encounters with art lovers. It also makes it possible for me to paint along the way and to participate in “Painting Out Loud” performances across the country. I love to travel, so my mobile studio could pop up anywhere. And if you see it around, chances are good that I’m painting somewhere nearby.

Careful where you step! There may just be a masterpiece drying at your feet.
On the road, Leoma is inspired to create daily in this intimate space.
Leoma’s gallery is located just past the “fishingest bridge in the world” on Matlacha Island. The bridge and surrounding area serve as great inspiration for her work.

I partnered with Bealls Department Stores to launch an exclusive collection of resort wear, home goods, and other products. As a result, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road meeting Bealls staff and customers.

From vintage toys to colorful clothing, there is always something in the mobile studio to make people smile.
Leoma’s mobile art studio features her “Good Day Sunshine” collection, created exclusively for Bealls Department Stores.

I love sharing my art in intimate settings as well as with large crowds, and having a mobile studio allows me to do both. As you can imagine, the colorful trailer can attract quite a crowd! Sometimes it even stops traffic—literally. People come up out of curiosity and stay for the fun.

Learn more about Leoma on her website: leomalovegrove.com

Find more traveling art studio inspiration in our Studios Summer 2014 issue!




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