Lightbulb Joke Winner Announced

How many artists does it take to change a lightbulb?

You voted, and the answer is overwhelmingly that of marylizzy, who wrote:

More inspiration for our lightbulb
joke winner.

"None. The first artist to grab the old bulb ran off to make something cool out of it. A second artist grabbed the new bulb and followed the first artist, wondering what the heck she was going to do with that old lightbulb and can it inspire me to do something wonderful with the new one? A left-brained person came along and replaced the bulb, wondering where the old one could have possibly gone."

In fact, that answer received more than twice as many votes as the other answers put together.

For this, marylizzy wins a copy of two Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop(TM) DVDs, Mix it Up!, Paint, Collage, and Found Objects, by Erin Partridge, and Mixed-Media Medley, Explore the Possibilities, with Jenn Mason.

Congratulations, marylizzy!




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