Love Color? Here’s A Brilliant (and Surprising) Upcycling Idea for Mixed-Media Art

Because I’m a creative person who is involved in many different projects and hobbies (making art, managing a vineyard, writing a book, performing as a dancer, just to name a few), my house is often a little dusty. I prioritize my time for the things that are important to me, letting less meaningful things like dusting slip off the to-do list. But after learning about a common laundry room item that Rae Missigman uses for her colorful mixed-media art, I found yet another way to multi-task. See what I mean in Rae’s preview of her new Art Lesson: Recycled and Reinked.

Mixed-media art ideas | Rae Missigman,
Hand-scripted tag art gets an extra dash of creativity when sprinkled with watercolor. Scraps of colored dye-catcher sheets are snipped into a soft fringe, while penned doodles and pink ribbons finish it off. (PIN THIS!)

Bold, Colorful Embellishments
by Rae Missigman

I love creating personalized notes, letters and stationery goods, especially when I can pretty them up using recycled materials. That means digging into my stash of hand-dyed fiber paper–recycled and repurposed from my very own laundry room. I like to recycle laundry dye catchers to use in my mixed-media art; the material is sturdy and takes color well.

Bookmarks, both pretty and useful, are a favorite of mine. These are a great way to share a special note with someone and add a bit of cheerful snail mail to their post box.

Making one similar to this (as seen in my May Art Lesson) can be super quick and fun, especially when you start with a simple shipping tag. I like to begin by adding lots of color and doodles to my tag, creating a happy background for my hand-penned note. A bit of splattered paint turns it into something time worn and interesting.

Layering long, snipped strips of my hand dyed fiber paper and stitching it to the bottom of the tag creates length and adds texture. The paper is sturdy and forgiving, making it the perfect fringe for my bookmark. Messy, loose threads and silky ribbons are a must.

There’s something special about giving and receiving personalized goodies like these… and adding a bit of “Recycled and Re-inked” goodness is even better! ~Rae

When you download Rae’s Art Lesson (click here),you’ll get her complete step-by-step process for making these hand-dyed papers that are a perfect addition to your mixed-media art. The download includes a materials list, detailed photos, and even a video showing Rae’s process in action.

But fair warning: Once you begin this cool new technique, you’ll find yet another reason to delay dusting your shelves. 😉

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