Make Art, Make it Funny!




One of my favorite tools to use in my studio is my funny bone. I am almost always trying to incorporate humor into my art. Mostly I do it for my husband’s benefit. The poor guy has to look at a lot of art and come up with new and interesting comments to appease me. I know he really enjoys looking closely in the art to see what I’ve hidden in there. Sometimes it’s not funny to anyone else but the two of us—and that’s ok.

This piece on the left is called Prince Albert in a Can. On a trip to an antique store, we were rifling through a bunch of old pictures and vintage tins. He came across this one for Prince Albert Tobacco.

He handed it to me and I immediately knew I had to buy it. He looked me deep in the eyes with a look that said, “I dare you!” Of course, we were both thinking of the old (before our time) phone prank.

Store owner: Hello, Smith’s Five and Dime. How can I help you?

Prankster: Can you tell me if you have Prince Albert in a can?

Store owner: Why yes, yes we do!

Prankster: Then let him out!


And so, in honor of the man who makes me laugh until I want to cry, I took that dare and created this piece.

I love watching people walk by and try to “get it.” When they finally do, they always crack a smile. I love that I can get a reaction just about every time.

I recently had the chance to look through the latest Fiber Arts magazine themed Humor in Hand. I love it! I got all giggly looking at the art in this issue that my co-workers were wondering what I was up to. Here are just a couple examples from the issue:


This hilarious piece, “Schuller, dream,” says:

You can often measure a man
by the size of his dream.
-Robert Schuller

The piece was created by the wonderfully whimsical Jane Waggoner Deschner.

There are a number more of these fantastically embroidered images within the article, too!

Cindy Hickok keeps us laughing with her meticulously machine stitched art. This tiny picture doesn’t do the piece, “A Collection of Art,” justice. Thankfully the pictures are much bigger in the issue!   Hickok-FA 

So, the next time you get out the brushes and unscrew the jar of gel medium, I encourage you to give humor a chance to work itself into your art. You never whose day you’ll brighten.


Hysterically yours,





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