Make Your Hand Lettering Shine: Two Techniques

Looking to add a little sparkle to your hand lettering styles? Here are two easy ways to make your lettering shine–just in time for creating holiday cards, gift cards, or even a display sign.

lettering with foil
 Joanne Sharpe uses craft foil and a glue
stick in her hand lettering tutorial.

Both hand lettering techniques come from creative lettering expert Joanne Sharpe.

Glitter as you go. Write directly onto your paper with glitter glue, such as SticklesTM by Ranger®, using the pointed tip as your pen.

To ensure a continuous flow, tip the bottle over a piece of scrap paper and gently squeeze the air out. You may also want to make a practice letter or two.

Foil again. All you need is a glue stick, wooden craft stick or bone folder, craft foil and a paper substrate.

1. Write your word on paper with the glue stick Use your handwriting or print. Let the glue dry to the point where it is tacky.

lettering with glitter glue
Spread joy with lettering drawn in glitter glue.

2. Cover the word with the craft foil, color side up. Using the edge of your craft stitch parallel to the foil, rub over the word. When you think you have it completely covered, lift a corner of the foil to check. If you need more rubbing, continue.

3. Carefully lift up the foil sheet to reveal your shiny new word.

Whenever I need an idea for creative hand lettering techniques, I use Joanne as a resource.

In her Cloth Paper Scissors WorkshopTM hand lettering tutorial Artful Letter: Tools and Techniques for Discovering Your Style, she serves up oodles of ideas for everything from making calligraphy letters to creating your own fonts by doodling.

P.S. How do you make your lettering special? Do you use a special technique, pen, or other art supply? Share your ideas below.




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