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When it comes to making art, no one ever says, “I’ve learned everything that I need to know, so I’m finished now.” There’s an entire world of information that’s waiting for each of us to absorb it, apply it, even add to it. As an artist, you’re probably good with that.

We mixed-media artists are adventurous when it comes to supplies, always looking for new ways to use a familiar material, and scoping the market for new products that we can try. That’s why watching Winsor & Newton’s new series of Masterclass art videos is so appealing. First, they’re free to view. Second, they come right to your inbox, delivering practical tidbits of knowledge that will help you better understand the materials you’re using, and inspire you to incorporate other art supplies into your practice.

Masterclass art videos from Winsor & Newton


Masterclass is a great way to discover what’s on the market and broaden your spectrum. Simply sign up here and you’ll receive a weekly email with a new Masterclass art video that will leave you with new insights on painting with acrylic, watercolor, oil, and more.

In less than two minutes, for example, you’ll learn how acrylic pigments and binders work together to create the paint that you love to use for art journaling, mixed-media portraits, and more.

Other videos feature the six different kinds of white oil paint that you can use, and why you’d want to choose one over the other for any given project; the art of glazing; and more.

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