Mini-book Giveaway and Free Stencil Project!


    I am beyond thrilled to bring you a guest edit today from my dear friend (and fellow co-author), Linda Blinn. Linda has more energy and ideas than a gaggle of college freshmen and you are definitely in for a treat. When Linda heard that we were hosting a mini-book challenge in Cloth Paper Scissors, she immediately offered to not only make an amazing book using many of the techniques from her new Cloth Paper Scissors DVD Workshop, "Make it Graphic: Stencils, Silhouettes, & More," but also to let us give that book away!
    And if that's not enough, Linda has also put together two free stencil projects for you. So let's get creative!

    So leave us a comment on this blog with your favorite silhouette to use as a mask or a stencil and you might be the winner of Linda's mini book!






    One of the advantages of cutting your own stencils is that you not only get the stencil but a mask-the piece that "falls out" after the stencil is cut. And both the mask and the stencil can be used as a pattern. All three of these techniques are shown in the following two free projects.


  • Stencils (hand-cut and purchased)
  • Fabric
  • Fabric paper (a nod here to Beryl Taylor and Kelli Perkins)
  • Acrylic paint, spray paint and "mists"
  • Spray gesso or clear acrylic for use as a resist


    Example 1

    1. Place a bird stencil in the center of fabric square and apply two or three colors of paint.

    2. When dry, remove the stencil and place the mask of the bird on top of the painted image.

    3. Secure mask by placing double-sided removable tape on the back of the mask.

    4. Place a patterned stencil on top of mask and fabric and spray with gesso or a clear acrylic to create a resist.

    5. Leaving the bird mask in place, let gesso dry and then apply color to the background using spray paints or mists.  




    Example 2

     1. Using the stencil or mask as a pattern, trace bird shape onto paper cloth (or stiffened fabric).

     2. If you are using paper cloth, cut the shape with a craft knife, for stiffened fabric, cut with scissors.

     3. Add color to bird with the paints of your choice.

     4. Machine stitch bird to fabric. You will see that the paper-cloth does not ravel and makes an easy appliqué! 

Mini-book Challenge

Giveaway Book by Linda Blinn 



5 Original hand-cut, Mylar® stencils

  • paisley
  • Chinese lanterns
  • tulips
  • bird
  • flower

Laser cut paper stencil
Lace and fabric
Fabric paper
Project samples
Stenciled tags 



Thanks Linda! And don't forget to leave a comment here with your favorite mask or stencil shape to have a chance to win this wonderful book! All comments must be received by September 6, 2010, noon EST.






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