Mini Sketchbooks, Inspired by Paper Art

It should be no surprise that the individuals throughout our company read the magazines and books that fellow teams publish. But it's always lovely to share our enthusiasm for sister magazines and websites, as we did recently. Samantha Wranosky is the associate art director for Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry and PieceWork, and she's a reader of Paper Art magazine. She did one of the projects from the newest issue of Paper Art with her son, and we asked her to share their endearing experience here. Enjoy! ~Cherie

My 5-year-old son loves to make crafts. It makes the artist in me sing with joy that he has taken on a love for art and craft making. It wasn’t always like this—early in preschool his classmates' cubbies would be billowing with crafts and drawings they had made during the day and my son’s cubby would still just have his extra clothes and water bottle. Something changed in the last year and he discovered a love for craft making. Now, he often asks if we can look at Pinterest on my iPhone to look for craft ideas—especially pirate crafts. I find myself emptying egg cartons early, taking cereal bags out of the box or pouring the creamer into another container so he can construct and make crafts from them.

When the most recent issue of Paper Art came out, I loved the mini sketchbooks project and I knew my son would as well. Not only did he love them, he immediately decided he wanted to make one for every kid in his preschool class, as a going-away present before they all left to go to kindergarten. (This in itself was exciting since my son is an introvert, it was very fun to see his motivation in sharing something like this with his entire class!) We dug through my supplies and chose a set of three coordinating burst stamps. He personally picked colors from my scrapbooking collection and then I started cutting! He was able to help some with folding and assembling the white paper into the cover. As much as I wanted to bind them as the instructions say, I chose to staple for the sake of time. (Making 25 mini sketchbooks was a lot to tackle!)

His favorite part by far was the stamping! He tried several techniques and also found he liked how it looked when he stamped with the small ink pad directly onto the paper.

When we finally distributed the sketchbooks to all the kids in his class, plus his teachers, they were a big hit! The teachers said the kids loved them and many of them had already started drawing and writing in them. Plus, two of the kids asked my son to sign theirs. It was a great way to end a huge chapter in his life. What he has said he’s looking forward to the most in kindergarten? The crafts! ~Samantha


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