Mixed-Media Adventures Await on Craft Daily

Fire and fiber don't usually go together, but mixed-media artist Mary Hettmansperger pairs them often, with stunning results.

wire and paper weaving by mary hettmansperger
Foil and paper woven together by
mixed-media artist Mary Hettmansperger.

Mary doesn't burn the fabric or paper: she meshes her fiber art talents seamlessly with jewelry-making skills like soldering and coloring the metal with a torch (in addition to making cold connections). Sometimes she creates wall hangings embellished with metal. Other times she fashions wearable art  that incorporates weaving and basketry techniques.

Many of her fire-free jewelry-making techniques work well for mixed-media and fiber artists who are not jewelers, because by weaving wire and other soft metals, she eliminates much or all of the need for soldering. Instead, her techniques involve cold connections such as folding, riveting, and tying/stitching, to fabricate and assemble the metal and wire jewelry.

My colleague Tammy Jones, online editor for Jewelry Making Daily, loves the technique for weaving copper foil Mary demonstrates in Weaving Wire Jewelry with Mary Hettmansperger, a full-length video tutorial on Craft Daily.

Tammy says, "As a metalworker at heart, I think this is my favorite technique in Mary's video. Remember weaving strips of paper into a new masterpiece of paper in elementary school art classes? Mary uses the same children's art technique with grown-up materials–thin untreated copper foil and decorative papers–to create mixed-media jewelry that's definitely not child's play.

"This is a great mixed-media technique for a paper fanatic like me," Tammy adds, "but I also love the opportunity for mixing all kinds of metals here, textured and not textured perhaps, as well as creating unique effects by mixing metal foils with and without patina."

wearable art pendant by mary hettmansperger

Personally, I could see this mixed-media weaving technique used for book or journal covers.

Although I'm familiar with Mary's fiber-related work, I might never have known about this video tutorial for wire weaving–or thought about applying the techniques to mixed-media art–had I not been browsing beyond the mixed-media and fiber art areas of the Craft Daily site.

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