Mixed Media and Collage: Louise O'Hara

Louise O'Hara is an artist whose work is the very definition of mixed-media. Paint; papers, found and created; lace; fabrics; hand and machine stitching, stamping, and more bring Louise's pieces to life.

In "A Conversation With . . . Louise O'Hara" in the September/October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, we were happy to share Louise's technique and her inspiration.

Her landscapes make you feel like you can step in to them, and her whimsical pieces will make you smile.

Buttons, burlap scraps, notion cards, and fabric scraps are just a few of the many found items you'll see.

If you haven't taken a look at the September/October issue yet, be sure you do. You will truly be inspired.



What is the most interesting "found" piece you have used in your artwork lately? Leave a comment, please.


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