Setting No-Pressure Art Goals for 2017 (And a Chance to Win Art Supplies!)

Friends, the beginning of a year is our best chance to start fresh with new art goals. Before we look forward, it’s always good to look to our experiences. How was 2016 for you, artistically speaking? How has your portfolio of work grown? Did you accomplish your goals? Keep in mind, this isn’t a time to be hard on yourself; this is about figuring out how to keep moving forward.

I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences this year, with opportunities to meet and learn from some gifted mixed-media artists, including Jodi Ohl, Sandrine Pelissier, Crystal Neubauer, and Seth Apter. You can imagine how much inspiration I gained from them, and the great news is that you can, too! As I write this, my work table is covered with watercolor paper, a few tubes and bottles of paint, a container of masking fluid, and a handful of pens and markers that I decided to just leave out because I know I’ll want them handy at any given moment.

Art goals and mixed-media inspiration | Art by Seth Apter,
Rewind (mixed media) by artist and author Seth Apter, featured at ArtistsNetworkTV and in Cloth Paper Scissors

In addition to learning many new techniques through these artists’ workshops, I also published my (first?) novel this year after many moons of hard work. While I doubt that I’ll top that one in 2017, you can bet that I’m going into January with some big ideas in mind, and I hope you are, too. Some friends of mine like to choose a specific word to focus on to keep them inspired and directed for the coming months. They’ve chosen motivational words such as inspire, mindfulness, prosper, breathe, and courage. Share your art goals or word for 2017 in the comments below. We’ll choose a random winner to receive a prize package of mixed-media supplies to help you get started with a year of creativity!

To keep your motivation going, North Light Shop has a limited-time offer on this New Year, New You selection of inspiring resources, no matter what your preferred art media and style is. For almost 50% off retail price, here’s what you’ll get:
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• Card Play: Mixed Media Techniques for Small Works of Art (DVD workshop) by Seth Apter
Cloth Paper Scissors January/February 2017 issue
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One more important thing to consider when it comes to setting art goals is to make them achievable, set mini-goals to get you there, and enjoy the process along the way. I look at some of my creative endeavors as work in order to focus with laser precision on creating them to as much perfection as I’m capable of. Others, I protect with a maternal desire to keep them naive and playful. Only you know what type of attitude you need to use toward your art. It could be anything from casual (you create when you feel like it, and that serves you well) to militaristic (you set a weekly or daily time for your art goals and stick to that schedule) to strategic (you focus on new techniques to apply to specific projects).

I’m just grateful that we’re here together on this path of art and creativity. Remember that you’re part of an entire community of artists who are experiencing the same ups and downs, frustrations and successes.

Remember to comment below and share your word for 2017. You’ll have a chance to win some mixed-media goodies from our stash and you’ll inspire others who visit the page as well and be inspired when you see what others are focusing on for the year. It’s a win/win/win!

Yours in art,

*Winner must be a US resident. Winner to be chosen January 18, 2017



181 thoughts on “Setting No-Pressure Art Goals for 2017 (And a Chance to Win Art Supplies!)

  1. The word that will motivate me to achieve my 2017 art goals is EXPERIMENT. I’m excited to create fearlessly by trying new techniques, making mistakes, and fully embracing the creative process through experiments. – Jamila | @beatofblossoms

  2. Hi Cherie! You don’t have to count me in for the contest but I do want to say Congratulations on YOUR huge accomplishment in 2016!! You definitely should be proud of yourself! I’m kinda in the same boat as you as far as how can I top 2016, it was such an extraordinary year in every way! So my word is more of a phrase borrowed from a book I’m reading and that is, “Better Than Before”. I’m just going to try to do everything I do, a bit better than I did it the day before. Here’s to a magical year ahead full of health, happiness, and much peace, love and joy to all! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so very much, dear friend! <3 I love your phrase (it might end up on a sticky note to remind me, too). 🙂 Love and joy to you - I'm really thrilled for your recent successes as well! xoxo

  3. “Discover” is my artistic inspirational word for this year. I’m working towards discovering more art tools, mediums, and techniques. As well as, discover more about myself for personal growth and well being. Thank you for sharing this article!

  4. My word this year is learn. I am taking online and in person art classes along with actually reading and practicing the exercises in my many books. I need more patience and more practice! Thanks for this give way.

  5. This year, I’m connecting to “Daily Practices” It is helping me think about small ways that I can continue moving along my path. Consistency has always been a challenge so I’m excited to see where I go with this one! Happy 2017!

  6. “Opportunity.” Each day is an opportunity to learn, grow, practice kindness, improve, discover. Creativity is possible in all realms of life, and every moment is an opportunity to see something fresh.

  7. My word is “play!” When we play, we let go of preconceived ideas and really begin to use our imaginations and find new ways of thinking and looking at things. Yes, I think I’ll be going out to “play” more this year!

  8. Discernment is my word for 2017: ability to make a smart judgment about something. Last year I had picked: Clarity – Now I realize that without “discernment” you can’t get clarity! So in a way, I’m back-tracking. This applies to art as well as life in general. In art, I feel it’s important to “judge smartly” what style feels right to the individual and not expect to become an expert in every field, or in the use of all types of material though it is important to try out various things first, then discern what tools and subject matter is the right fit. In painting, discernment of values, color and placement of all the elements in the subject matter (both in landscapes and portraits) needs to take place at the onset. Even if working intuitively, it is good to discern our on-going response to the mark making in order to decide on the next step. In a way, it’s a sort of mindfulness.

  9. Experiment is my word. I am new to art because in the past I’ve always been too hard on myself and wanted everything to be perfect. This year i just want to relax and enjoy myself and have fun while experimenting with new mixed media techniques.

  10. My word is “discover”. I plan to step out and discover new techniques, new sources of information, new galleries, new materials, new artist friends, and more.

  11. My word is practice and my goal is to do at least (but not limited to) 15 minutes of art every day. I believe practice is everything and doing something you love every day is just a good habit to have.

  12. My favorite word and the word for 2017 is “create.” Create messes, create projects, create new relationships – it’s all inspiring to me. Congratulations on your amazing 2017, Cherie!

  13. My goals for creating art in 2017 are to complete more projects and focusing on one project at a time before getting too divided among more projects than I can complete at once. My word/phrases to enter the contest include: new beginnings, manifestation, vision, metamorphosis, and taking flight. 🙂

  14. My word for 2017 is Expand … to express every aspect of my life in a bigger more expansive way, to learn the things that interest me and speak to me … to live more outloud 🙂 <3

  15. My “word” for this year was actually stated right in your paragraph in the blog post – FOCUS. I am one of those artists who loves experimenting, so I don’t stay in one place in my art for very long. What I’d like to try and do this year is find a combination of media and do a series – and really focus in on what makes my heart happy. 🙂

  16. My word this year is “engage”. Do not be timid, do not procrastinate, do not be merely a spectator. I hope to gain confidence, learn new techniques and to express myself without fear of judgment. You have kindly presented an opening for me to
    do all of these things. Now all I need to do is square my shoulders, take a deep breath and get to work. It’s time for me to discover, recover and uncover my creative side. Thank you for the opportunity, it was just the nudge I needed.

  17. For the first time in years I still don’t have a WORD yet. I usually figure it out sooner but this year I’m not getting anything. But for the first time ever I bought a wonderful organizer to keep my arting organized. I have so many online classes that I haven’t gotten done that I needed a way to systematically work through them. I have the calendar, to-so list, “dump-it” space, and just about everything I need in one place. I’ve worked hard the last few months to organize my art room and my sewing room so that when I walk in I can just sit down and sew or paint without digging out from piles of stuff. It feels so relaxing now to be creative. While I still may not have a word I do have a sense of peace and anticipation for the new year.

    1. Confidence is my goal this year. I just opened an art supply resale shop. As a natural introvert I find that I need to believe in myself and what I am doing and convey that to customers and the community. I have my art on display with other local artists’ work , a big step for me. I have to learn more about mixed media since there is much interest in that area. Thanks!

  18. This has been a very difficult year for me and has rattled my self-confidence in many areas of my life including my art. I have great hope for the coming year, but I will need to be “courageous!”

  19. I can’t get this to just one word. I am attempting to learn 3 new skills I have chosen. I need to do so much research, get proper tools, learn how to use them, practice and master. So my words are: learn, master, prosper.

  20. I have to also say my word in FOCUS, as saying “find my niche” is three words! Mixed media calls in so many directions, and as we have placed out feet on a home downsizing plan (the 5-year plan) I need to start now in finding my true mixed media calling, if there is such a thing!

  21. For me it’s Weekly. As much as I try to do something daily my goal is WEEKLY Projects or a weekly journal page rather than trying for daily which never seems to become a reality. Anything whatever art form that can be accomplished within the week.

  22. My goal is to become a better artist… that’s always a goal I think but this year I also want to concentrate on learning more about acrylics and what they will and will not do. My word is Concentrate. It’s something I really need to work on. I want to be able to listen to what my art is telling me to do, I once was able to do that but somewhere along the way I lost it.

  23. My art goal word for this year is “Release”. I want to release the myriad of fears that stop me from reaching out and stepping past my comfort zone and the fear of not producing something “good enough”.

  24. I am usually finding myself at the end of the day feeling like I have accomplished very little of what had started out with great intentions. So in 2017, my word needs to be motivation. I hope to spend less time in mindless distractions and more creating and learning.

  25. My word is Observation. I want to observe the stimuli around me, and be aware of my reaction to it. My hope is that observation will stimulate a curious mind!

  26. Possibilities. Exploration with a “what if ” attitude allows an artist to view materials with a different eye. What new materials will I use this year and how will I express myself with them. It is all so exciting!

    To all who read these words, have a great year. Be fearless and go for it.

  27. 2017 is the year for me to really FOCUS on my art as my number one priority. First, I need to figure out how and where I want to sell my art – and get that set up. Then to become INTENTIONAL about doing art everyday – always experimenting and learning along the way.

  28. My word for 2017 is ….intuition. Ever since I discovered I can listen to my intuition and get the most of it, I cannot see life otherwise. Intuition is GOD talking to us, and angles are talking and showing me the way.

    2017 art goals? To release my first online mixed media course and to make room for even more art videos!

  29. My word is imperfection. To just do my art and not expect it to be perfect or sellable or have to serve some purpose. Just art for art’s sake, for therapy, for creativity and to get my hands moving. Also want to spend more time on art blogs like this one.

  30. My word seems to be Courage: courage to keep going inspire of fear of failure; courage to do things I have never done before; courage to put myself out into the world even if its scary.

  31. I’m relying on a quote from Henri Matisse to inspire me to be brave. I get stuck when I worry about pleasing others rather than focusing on creating works that are inspiring or interesting to me. I encourage my students to be risk-takers. I should model what that looks like in my art.

    “Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse

  32. Congratulations on your accomplishments for 2016! This year my goal is to carve out more time for art, and I would like to grow my skills. My word for the year is RENEW. With that in mind, I would like to learn something new, so I am setting my sites on learning how to draw faces. I am really excited about 2017!!

  33. My goal for 2017 is to let the “worry” go in my work. I am going to trust my voice and create. The validation of the process is all I want to focus on. I have set my schedule and have a pace I want to keep, but the burden of how my work measures up is left in 2016. In to new creations and positive thoughts!

  34. One can’t learn from one’s mistakes unless one makes mistakes. And it is not easy to make mistakes unless you try new techniques, new approaches to your art, and embrace new experiences. So my goal is to charge forth in 2017 and not worry about mistakes or art work that doesn’t please me. I want to complete more projects and have more fun this year.

  35. My word for 2017 is “magic.” This is also my word or thoughts about creativity, that it is a magical process: one that I may begin, but sets in motion an invitation of expression that continues to remain a mystery.

  36. My word of the year is Mastery. Over the past few years, I have been playing and experimenting with art, and now I want to move to mastery of the skills that I have been learning.

  37. Congratulations on your wonderful 2016! Thank you for the push to think of a word for this year.

    My word is “present” — as in be present in the ‘studio’ (anywhere to sketch or paint) – everyday as much as possible; be ‘in the present’ while doing art – not worry about how something will turn out or not; to remember that whatever talent I have been fortunate to be blessed with is a ‘present’ to be fully enjoyed and be grateful for 🙂

    I really have to push myself to not procrastinate, not to be afraid of failure or rejection, and accept whatever shows up on the paper and celebrate everyday. Hoping the word will be a daily reminder to hold up my end of bargain 🙂

  38. Countless words have come to mind: resolve, honor, persevere. All good ones – and all weighted with the wisdom I need. The one that came quietly to me, though, was “trust.” As in, trust that an idea has merit. Trust that my leaps of faith are in God’s hands. Trust that failing still means a step forward. Trust that the paths I’m on will lead to something worthwhile.

  39. My word is loose. Often I won’t just allow things to flow and attempt to control every aspect of a painting or mixed media piece. A phrase I will use this year to remind my self to be “loose” will be, “beauty is in the imperfections.” Just posting this has helped solidify this for me, and I hope it has helped all the other wonderful artistic minded people who have posted before me! Here’s to an amazing year of growth for us all. CHEERS!

  40. My word is Transformed. As I work to transform my supplies and ideas into works of art I also work at transforming myself into a more intuitive and receptive person.

  41. So many great and inspirational words from everyone! My own catchword this year is “Serendipity.” Specifically, being open to all the wonderful unexpected occurrences and opportunities that come along and that we so often miss.

  42. After much thought and word “auditioning” I have finally chosen EQUANIMITY as my word for 2017. I originally planned to use PEACE, but decided that was way too idealistic on my part. Equanimity is a much more achievable goal and a step in my personal process to peace.

  43. My word for 2017 is START! I find that once I start making art, I just keep on getting ideas for future projects, so then I can just keep going, creating more art, getting energized!

  44. My word for the year is “Mindfulness”. This is something I struggle with daily! Someone I work with will paint our “word” on a stone, and this is the word I chose for that. It applies to all areas of my life, whether it’s work, relationships, creativity, or washing the dishes. I know I’m not living in and enjoying the present moment, and it has been this way all my life. I’m always looking to the future or thinking about the past. I know it’s a tough thing to concur, but the more I practice, the easier it will become.

  45. Setting a couple of parameters. For at least the first couple of month of this year they will be: bear, care, blue. Anxious to find out where they will take me.

  46. My word is explore- to venture out of my comfort zone in all aspects of my life and art. I’ve had recent serious health issues and life is far too short to do anything less than embrace each day with wonder and a sense of play. I’ll add play as a word too! 🙂

  47. My word is Nurture. 2017 continues the growth of ideas and inspiration and supplies calling out and the focus is more fibre than paint. It is the giving of more time to an old love that has been brewing new ideas over the years. A blend of all, old and new and yet to come.
    Thank clothpaperscissors for so much over the years.

  48. My goal for 2017 is to spend time EVERY day in my creative space … creating something new, working on an ongoing project, or perhaps just sitting quietly with my journal. I find it difficult to choose one word. It feels too restrictive to me, but my phrase, my creative intention is: Create with joyful abandon.

  49. My word is- JOYFULLY. I faced a few unexpected trials in 2016; happiness, joy and a positive outlook got me through the rougher days. I plan to face the No-Pressure, Creative 2017 *Joyfully.*

  50. Goal word: USE ….my many supplies. Everyday before leaving my studio set out some of my art stuff that I don’t use because it is not readily at hand. Start off the day with a painting/collage using this STUFF……Remember to paint as you like and die happy. mraz

  51. Organize. I said 2 yrs ago i would get my house and art room back in order, i start then stop. This year, no distractions. I WILL get everything back in order so i can spend more time creating instead of cleaning.

  52. this year’s word: FOCUS. Meaning refocus on me. On my style. Not doing commissions. Not comparing. Last year it was unfurling which was a perfect word for how it went and for a goal word. I really did keep coming back to it. Thank you for this great article! and the giveaway!

  53. Step out. (My brother in law teases me by telling me to do that when I am reticent about doing something!) I have two major “creations” I’ve held back on, from fear of “messing” them up. I want to start them. Being afraid of them not turning out to some imaginary standard of perfection has to get kicked to the curb this year. I create for myself only, so it’s my own internal dragon I have to slay. I have everything here, literally at hand, to make these two projects and a zillion more, once I launch out.

  54. Congratulations to Cherie!! An accomplished goal for 2016! For myself, as I think about retirement from my “day job,” my goal needs to be to find the artistic enthusiasm that so many of you exude! It’s been quite awhile since I picked up a drawing pencil, cloth, or a paint brush…or especially clay and hand-made paper…so I need to accomplish some of that in 2017. Crossing fingers! My word for the year is ‘positivity.’

    1. Thanks so much oceanmom! 🙂 Congratulations to you on your retirement! It’s very exciting to think about how much more time you’ll likely have to spend on creative endeavors, and for that I envy you. 🙂 Good luck, and stay the course! Here’s to much positivity for you!

  55. AMALGAMATED ! I want put my ideas together on my walls and in my pieces to create peculiar conversations, marvelous conglomerates. Reading this artical and each comment has inspired me for 2017.

  56. Keep my head above water! As life becomes more complicated, I wish to find time to continue art making and art teaching. I want to do my best to keep up my 2016 pace, hopefully create a bit more in more mediums than last year. I’m particularly excited to develop a collage to painting to print class for next fall semester.

  57. I’m having trouble coming up with just one word for this year. Last year was full of introspect, perhaps it needs to be a phrase for this year -“confidence in action”.
    Artistically, I’d simply like to grow (leaps and bounds! 🙂 )

  58. I know it may sound cliche, but my word is: HOPE. Last year was truly the worst year of my life and was a year I pretty much left my art supplies in the art closet. I lost both of my parents, just 6 weeks apart, and had been caretaking for them up until their deaths. My heart broke and so did my passion for everything, including my art. This year I would like to honor them both by giving myself the gift of art back to my life; by growing in my work through channeling the grief into color. I want hope that my love of art will bring out all kinds of exploration to my work. And hope that allows me to move forward without them here to cheer me on. Thank you Cloth Paper Scissors for being a part of my journey. ❤

    1. Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I wish there were something I could say that would have some kind of great meaning, but just know that I wish you the best as you heal from this loss. I hope that this year art brings you the happiness that I’m sure you deserve and that, if I may be so bold, I’m sure your parents would wish for you as well. Thank you for sharing this with us. <3

  59. Just create! I just finished earning my Masters of Art at age 63 in December, which left little to no time for my creative life. Two years without regular studio time has been so difficult. I’ve already created a new painting and also sold one of the few I created last year this first week of 2017. A new project is on the table now and I plan to keep on creating!

  60. JUST DO IT, I’m going to use and apply all kind of techniques, especially the ones I’m not acquainted to. And Cloth Paper Scissors will help me to accomplish.

  61. My word this year is going to be “SHINE”. I want everyone to see my light shine. I want to create things that are beautiful to look at and to help others see the light in there lives.

  62. Hi Cherie,
    I am so happy I found this community. To be honest 2016 was a creative flop for me. I didn’t get to create much of anything and when I did, I didn’t like it. So for 2017, I set a goal. I brainstormed about all of the things I have in my craft room that I haven’t used and I wrote them down on a piece of paper I am sure I have over 52 pieces of paper. Yay! Since I am a busy mom and a student I pick one project for the week. I start on Sunday and that gives time to brainstorm different things I would like to do for whatever my project is. I then write it in a journal so I can keep track of different projects. I completed my first project yesterday. Saturday is my project day. I used a multi tool (dremel knock off) to engrave a candle. I learned a lot in the process. I spent a lot of time organizing after I was done with my candle. I didn’t come out of room for three hours. It was wonderful.
    I wish all of you a creative fun filled year.
    Thanks for the awesome community.

  63. My word is ORGANIZE! I have organized my studio for 2017, grouping my supplies and having them on shelves where they are clearly visible and easy to grab and use, as i have decided to work on art every day, if only for 15 minutes at a time

  64. My word for 2017 is mino’aka (pronounced mee-noh-ah-kah) which is Hawaiian for smile. I want to smile as I contemplate, design, make and teach, and applaud other’s achievements. No wrinkles on my forehead or frowns on my face; just smile crinkles at the corners of my mouth.

  65. My word for the year is Cultivate. I want to develop new skills and expand my art garden. There are a couple of shows I will create work for and at least one postcard swap. And I am scheduling art party days where I meet up with artsy girlfriends for museum outings or painting parties; we didn’t get to do enough of them last year because they weren’t on the calendar and kept getting put off into the future…

  66. Hello Cherie!
    Congratulations on your novel!! How very exciting for you- you must be thrilled!!Best wishes!
    So, my word for the new year is “Doing”. No more talking about it,just doing it! And my main goal for this year is being published in Cloth Paper Scissors! My friend Darlene,(who by the way has been published several times here)and I have have talked about this for the past 2 years,that this is what I need to do.My mind is made up,now is the time to step up to the plate and go for it- so wish me luck! And here’s to a creative happy 2017!

    1. Hi Jackie, and thank you so much for your kind words! “Doing” is a great word to go with! I’m not sure if you contacted our team yet, but if not, the first step you can take toward getting published in Cloth Paper Scissors is to visit our Submissions page. 🙂 I wish you the very best in “doing” and in getting published! Stay in touch, and happy New Year!

  67. One of my goals is to create something no matter how small everyday. I’m retired if I don’t take the time now, it’s just silly. Seems like I created more when I didn’t have the time. I’m also making a goal planner(working on it right now) and hopefully it will help to get me back on track.

  68. My word is “commit”. I want to follow through on my goal – to COMMIT – to being creative every day. If my day is too busy for me to work on something already in progress then I will at least sketch. I have a new little sketchbook that I can carry with me anywhere.

  69. Hi all – Congrats Cherie! What a great accomplishment! My goal for this year is to FINISH all those great ideas and projects that are in progress. Love your emails and inspirations, but I find myself so enthusiastic to try the new idea that I start the next project before I’ve finished the current one!

  70. “Progress.” I can give myself permission to not execute every task perfectly, but I want to make progress on everything I set my hands to. I want to be a Work in Progress, with a smile on my face.

  71. My phrase for this year – “Be true to yourself.” I have long admired the beautiful journals other people create. I have tried to do the same, but I needed a focus that was uniquely my own. I couldn’t seem to find a good enough reason to create such a journal — I’m too busy to sit down and chronicle my daily activities. But then I realized that I could “journal” a notebook about one of my passions, paleontology. And so I created a 3.5 inch by 13.5 foot long strip that folds into a 3.5 x 4.25 inch book, one side chronicling the creation of the planet Earth, and the other the advent of life on Earth. The book can be read as individual 3.5 x 4″ pages or laid out in a long strip to allow you to see the immensity of time covered by the events in the journal. Each era is a different color, there are fold-outs, flip ups, envelopes containing detailed information, and scads of colorful illustrations. It took me over 6 months to research and complete this project. Now that I’ve finished the first one, I’m toying with ideas for a second “journal.”

  72. My word is SERENDIPITY. I love making sideways discoveries while I am working on projects. These often lead me in whole new directions. While working on a collage, I was aware of bits and scraps of leftover magazine images lying around and suddenly got the idea of making a mosaic using them, pasting them down on a cardboard cut-out. Stuff like that.

  73. Cherie,

    My goal for this year is to simply get my craftroom DONE!! Ofcourse i hope to do more than that but anything above finishing my craftroom remodel will just be icing on the cake… We bought our home about a year and a half ago and nearly completely gutted it… new insulation, electrical, plumbing..sheetrock… you name it… and out of necessity my craftroom has taken a back seat to more important rooms … But the upstairs is nearly finished and my craftroom is part of the downstairs and so this is the year of the CraftRoom!!! lol We are taping and floating and mudding and sanding… We are not professionals just do it yourselfers so its quite the challenge… I have so many creative things i want to do but i need my SPACE … 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance to win some art supplies!! Put my name in the hat!!! Hugs! deb

  74. My word for 2017 is EMBRACE. What I’ve learned this past year is to embrace change. So, I’m making what in rock climbing is called a dyno, or dynamic move. A move that takes you from balance to a position of unbalance. A dyno can look and feel intimidating and highly improbable, but full of promise . . . scary, but exhilarating at the same time. Change reminds us of the possibilities and I intend to fully EMBRACE it as I lunge into the unfamiliar and pull myself up to the next creative handhold! Here’s to a year full of creativity and joy.

  75. A few years ago, on New Year’s Eve, I made a journal to put all the techniques I learned the next year in. I also used it as a way to be able to look back on the next NYE and reflect on what I had learned and how my work had evolved. I loved doing this and have continued it every year since then. I am on my 4th NYE journal and am amazed at how many new techniques there are to learn and seeing what has changed in my crafting style is so fun. I often refer back to them to refresh my memory on how to do certain techniques or to look back at projects I have put in my journal.
    For this year my word is EMBRACE! I plan to embrace change, love, life, differences, my art, learning and who I am!
    Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway! I will always embrace a package pf mixed media goodies! LOL Have a crafty weekend!

  76. I don’t have one word but I do have a phrase that I want to continue and keep with this year. It’s quite simply Just Do It/Just Try It’. I’m too nervous, too worried, afraid of ridicule and rejection when I draw/paint/follow my art intuition. So my 2017 mantra is going to be Just Do It or Just Try It, lol, the little nervous one wants to come out to play, thanks for sharing with us x

  77. My word for 2017 is GRATEFUL….a reminder to be grateful for so many things, both good and bad, in my life….to remind me that all things can be life changing experiences and to be grateful to have them, to grow from them!

  78. I just started into mixed media last Fall and am loving it. I signed up for a year of art tv, bought several books to learn from and am taking some in person classes. My goal is to start a blog, learn new techniques and have enough pieces to sell at an art show or two by next Fall. Lofty goals I know but I need the motivation to keep moving forward. Thanks for the opportunity to win the supplies.

  79. My goals are two sides of the same coin. Stop and Start. Stop collecting art supplies and Start using, experimenting, playing, using them. Play with my favorites and explore others I wasn’t so wild about the first time I tried them. I also intend to destash supplies I really don’t like or don’t use. I have a friend who is very involved with creating art installations in Ronald McDonald houses and they always welcome art supplies for the kids to use.

  80. Convergence. Bringing it all together to create art that is reflective of me. Have taken a lot of courses, learned a lot of techniques, but now I want to spend time creating vs copying. Pulling together bits and pieces to work on pieces that resonate…and make me happy.

  81. 2016 was a great creative year, joined two online classes and am loving every minute of it, watched tons of videos and took some painting classes.
    I think my word for this year is LEARN…….new techniques……to use the “other” colors in the box…….to step “outside” my own little box…….learn to let go of any negativity……just LEARN!

    Happy New Year

  82. I don’t have a particular word in mind, but my goal is to become more skilled at drawing faces. Later in the year I want to learn how to color, paint, collage faces. I am also learning how to use stencils and want to continue on that path. I guess that my word could be, “Learn!”

  83. My word is “excitement”. As long as I stay excited about what I am creating, I know that this will carry over into the painting, mixed media and art journals that I am working on. I plan to do more experimenting and teach a few classes to spread the joy!

  84. Hi Cherie! My word for 2017 is Onward! 2016 found me very stuck in many ways so despite things beyond my control I find I can move Onward! It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to for 2017, enjoy! I look forward to reading all about it.

  85. I came across the word “cultivate” when reading about creating a sanctuary, and it jumped off the page. I brushed it aside, but it had already burrowed into my brain.

    Last year, my creativity was pushed aside as I simply re-acted to the chaos going on in our family. No painting, sewing, writing…I even stopped reading! Thankfully, things have settled down and I need to cultivate positivity, cultivate my creative side, and cultivate peace and order.

    I’m thinking of cultivating a flower garden, too!

  86. My word this year is Productive. Last year creativity left me and I just stopped making art, so this year I just need to be productive. Good or bad, blah or fantastic, I just need to make something. Congrats on your novel!

  87. My art goal for 2017 is to make something new every day–a digital piece, an art journal page, a sketch, a book; any or all of these, that explores a technique or color scheme I haven’t used before. It will be a challenge, because I am 83, and I have therefore had a lot of time to explore techniques. Finding 365 of them that are new will not be easy.

    Hmmmm…maybe I should cut that back to one a week….

  88. My word for this year is JOY! Last year I didn’t get to do much with my arts and crafts. My father, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor on March 1st, passed on September 2nd. I would not trade any of the precious time that I spent helping Mom and caring for my Dad during the last 6 months of his life. I get my love of art from him so I will dedicate my pursuit of joy through art to him this year!

  89. Where can we find out about your book, Cherie?

    2016 was the first time I chose a word for the year. It felt odd, because I didn’t think I’d even remember it, much less keep it in the forefront. But it really did make a difference, so I’ve chosen to use this word every year, as the focus for all aspects of my life, not just my art.

    The word is “incomparable.” While it’s wonderful to be inspired by the work of another artist and learn from their successes, too often we compare our own work and our own progress to that of others and find ourselves feeling like we’ve fallen short. I want to keep in mind, always, that I’m unique and my creations are unique. While every artist’s work will be viewed by others as subjectively “better” or “worse” than that of other artists, no one has your voice or your vision. We are all unique and incomparable!

    1. Hi LisaM! Thanks for asking about my book! I can’t link to it here, but if you’re interested, you can look up Girl on Fire by yours truly. 🙂 The funny thing is that your word of the year touches on a point that I write about (and believe in many aspects of my life) – that we should only compare ourselves to how far we’ve come or improved, and not to others. That there will always be someone who’s better at what we’re doing, and others who are still striving to get where we are. This philosophy/understanding keeps me centered in a healthy place that keeps both my ego and self-esteem in check, and it applies to creative endeavors as well as work, family, etc. Thanks for sharing your word and your perspective! <3

  90. 2017 needed quality — Persistence in seeking the best in every moment, as this is all we have — the present moment, the present person, the present quality of spirit.

  91. My words for 2017 are Begin and Brave. Once I begin making art, I become lost in it, finding it very fun and meditative, but I need to get over that initial fear of the blank page, so I need to be brave.


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