Mixed-Media Art That Evokes Emotion

There’s something about rescue animals that can make us emotional. Even though I don’t consider myself much of a crier, heartwarming stories of dogs and cats affect me. Perhaps it’s because they’re voiceless and rely on humans to take care of them. Or, perhaps I see my own dog, Cowgirl, in other rescued pets who have found their forever homes. No matter the reason, animals have a special place not only in our hearts, but also in the art we create. There, we remember them, celebrate them, and honor them.

In Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling, artist Jay Dechesere takes us behind the scenes of his mixed-media art piece that’s devoted to Joy, the rescue dog you see below.

Mixed-media art by Jay Dechesere | ClothPaperScissors.com
Rescued . . . At Last! (Rapidograph and black ink with transparent watercolor on Bienfang 146# Smooth Bristol, 10×8) by Jay Dechesere

“Knowing the possible outcomes, a dog in need of rescue evokes a tug at our heartstrings,” Jay says. “Joy not only rescued her owners who had just lost a long-time canine friend, but she was mutually saved. Her resolute posture and the expression in her eyes reflect her new found security and pride of possessing two new forever friends. Pen and ink maintains the crisp image of Joy and her evident pride. The wash of watercolor brings her to life and radiates the warmth of the heart pine floor and sunlight in her new home.”

I chose Rescued . . . At Last! because of the compelling story it represents and to celebrate #InkTober, a month-long challenge in which you’re invited to draw daily and share your work on social media and in the Cloth Paper Scissors online gallery. Take advantage of a special Inktober offer from the Interweave store with this exclusive sketchbook and pen set for only $13.

Use the resources you’ll find here to improve your mixed-media art techniques, and be inspired by Jay, who adds: “When an image evokes an emotion, translate that to paper so that the feeling is not lost. Only then can you evaluate the success of your work.”

Yours in art,

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