Mixed-Media Artist Jane Davenport and Her Greatest Wish

Creative. Authentic. Inspiring. There are several reasons that so many of us love Jane Davenport. She’s amazing at teaching mixed-media art to those who are new to the fold, as well as artists with years of experience under their belts.

From her info-packed Art Lessons on mixed-media supplies to her comprehensive book, Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces, there’s something for everyone to discover! But don’t take my word for it–enjoy this sneak peek of Jane’s book. ~Cherie

Drawing tips | Jane Davenport, ClothPaperScissors.com
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A Word (and a drawing lesson) from Jane Davenport

I like to think of our pencils and brushes as harboring crowds of imaginary people and creatures–all just waiting patiently to fall out and be drawn into existence, one by one.

Drawing has long been my friend, and it wants to be yours as well. I began my drawing career as the kid-who-could-draw, then I started my first job as a fashion illustrator, and I went on to become a professional artist with my own gallery. But it wasn’t until I started teaching that I fully appreciated what a powerful medium it is. Drawing can be the superhighway straight to the heart of your creativity!

There are absolutely no rules in art. Everything I present in my mixed-media classes and Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces are simply my ideas. I believe drawing is theater. I base my artwork on reality and then heighten the elements that fascinate me until I arrive at my own style full of whimsical faces, colors, and forms. My greatest wish is for you to know the joy of drawing faces and to build your own style. And it’s such a privilege to help you do that. Just follow your curiosity, gather your courage, and bravely read on!

How to draw braided hair | Jane Davenport, ClothPaperScissors.com
Braids have an innocent, storybook quality to them. Click here for more art and drawing lessons from Jane!

How to Draw Braided Hair

1. Start by plotting where you want the braid to fall.

2. On one side, add a series of arches. The more curved they are, the thicker and fuller the braid will look.

3. On the opposite side of the braid, make the same arches, but place them asymmetrically.

4. Here comes the tricky bit! You want to draw a partial diagonal line from the bottom of one arch to the bottom of the arch on the other side.

5. Repeat the process from the other side.

6. You can add some lines to show how the hair gathers into the braid. Practice a few times and you will get it!~Jane

Drawing tips | Jane Davenport, ClothPaperScissors.com

You can also simply draw the hair in a romantic and slightly impossible twist. The process is similar to braids, but you just use one diagonal line. ~Jane

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