Mixed-Media Best Sellers & the Art They Inspired!

Best sellers are best sellers for a reason—they make people happy! Our best-selling magazines, videos, and lesson downloads have brought you joy because they’re filled with outstanding mixed-media projects and great techniques that give you amazing results. You’re a better and more confident artist because of them. Come with me and see what best sellers you might have missed this year—no doubt you’ll want to add them to your library so you can pull them out whenever you need great ideas and techniques.

Our Art and Lettering Lessons downloads are always popular, and it’s easy to see why—you get to go in-depth on a project, exploring innovative techniques that are accompanied by lots of photos (practically one for every step), plus a companion video. They’re also among our best sellers because they often introduce you to new products that would otherwise go under the radar—like Art Lesson Volume 3: Venetian Plaster Party.

After trying this great Art Lesson Vol. 3 project from Sandra Duran Wilson, you’re going to want to put Venetian plaster in high rotation in your art supplies.

I can’t wait for the Art and Lettering Lessons each month, and I feel so lucky when I can give them a spin. I loved creating this piece below, and discovering how much fun it is working with Venetian plaster. The layers that you create in this tutorial are so stunning, and you won’t be able to live without this material after you try it.

Learn how to create texture and layers with Venetian plaster in Venetian Plaster Party by Sandra Duran Wilson.

Cloth Paper Scissors managing editor Barbara Delaney and I were taken with Katie Blaine’s Art Lessons Volumes 5 and 6, Layering with Photo Transfers, and Texture Techniques on Black. Both show how to create phenomenal texture by using supplies you’re familiar with, but in exciting new ways.

Let Katie Blaine show you original ideas for creating visual and physical texture with layered image transfers, modeling paste, duct tape, and more, in her two best sellers: Art Lessons Vol. 5 and Art Lessons Volume 6.

Barb used molding paste, duct tape, black gesso, and more to create this beautiful frame for a favorite photograph:

Create a frame for a photo or transfer image with black gesso—this technique makes everything pop.

And I followed Katie’s amazing image transfer techniques to make this layered piece that proudly hangs in my office:

I thought I knew every image transfer technique, but I discovered more in Art Lesson Vol. 5: Layering with Photo Transfers.

It’s no wonder that compilations and collections are best sellers—these are great ways of having your favorites in one place. Two paper and book-themed collections made our best-sellers list: Folded Books and Paper Art: 14 Projects to Create, and the Paper Lovers Collection.

Folded books require no sewing, and there are tons of fun and easy structures to make. This Folded Books eBook, another of our best sellers, shows you how!

We carefully curated the Folded Books and Paper Art eBook to give you a great sampling of no-sew books and paper projects that have appeared in Cloth Paper Scissors, Pages, I {Heart} Paper, and Paper Art magazines. Try creating an accordion graffiti journal or a wreath made out of book pages. I created this book following instructions in the article Spontaneous Deconstructed Journal by Jill K. Berry; this cool structure has an accordion-folded spine and pages that feature wax rubbings. Doing the rubbings on different surfaces was great, and building on those designs with mixed media was really satisfying. The technique is now one of my go-tos for art journaling.

If you know how to fold, you can make great book and paper projects that all incorporate mixed media.

The Paper Lovers Collection download includes two issues of Pages magazine (Summer 2014 and Winter 2015), plus Paper Art and Paper Holiday—so many incredible book, paper, and art journaling ideas in one place, no wonder it’s one of our best sellers!

Our collections are popular, and no wonder—you get all your favorites in one place!

I used a mash-up of four techniques from several articles in this collection to create and fill a one-of-a-kind journal that I use often and love. I have no doubt you’ll also find loads of ideas that you’ll want to mix and match for your own books and artwork.

Four techniques from a number of magazines found in the Paper Lovers Collection were combined to create this one-of-a-kind handmade art journal.

Several of our mixed-media videos became best sellers; one you should know about is Collage Characters: Exploring Gelli Plates for Colorful Results with Jodi Ohl. If you’re a Gelli Plate novice or seasoned pro, you’ll learn so many great new techniques from this video, and Jodi will show you how to incorporate them into unique collages. I can’t recommend this video enough for inspirational ideas for collage, but also art journal pages, paintings, fabric printing, and more.

Among our mixed-media videos, Collage Characters with Jodi Ohl is a best seller. Get it and discover cool techniques for printing!

Have you ever worked with cold wax? Many of our artists incorporate it into their mixed-media paintings and collages to add texture and adhere collage elements. Art Lessons Vol. 8: Cold Wax Play, by Crystal Neubauer shows how to mix cold wax with oil paint, embed interesting elements (tea leaves!) in the wax, and how to use it in conjunction with other texture mediums, such as spackle. The effects are truly stunning, and are what make this one of our best sellers.

Explore cold wax using Crystal Neubauer’s great techniques found in Art Lessons Vol. 8: Cold Wax Play.

More of Crystal’s inventive techniques are found in her other (best-selling) Art Lesson Vol. 7: Stain, Stamp, Stitch, & Stack. In this lesson she uses tea bags to create stunning collages that incorporate staining with coffee and tea bags, stamping with found objects, and hand stitching, to create patterns and textures.

Don’t throw that tea bag away! Find out how to turn it into art in Art Lesson Vol. 7: Stain, Stamp, Stitch, & Stack with Crystal Neubauer.

Barb Delaney was inspired to create her own beautiful collage using some of Crystal’s techniques, and the results of her texture adventure are wonderful.

Create beautiful texture with tea bags, printing and staining techniques, and more. Find out why Art Lesson Vol. 7: Stain, Stamp, Stitch, & Stack with Crystal Neubauer is among our best sellers!

Adventure is something mixed-media artists are always up for, which is why we dedicated our July/August 2017 issue to the escapades that traveling inspires. Our contributors thrilled us with fantastic projects, which is why this issue landed among our best sellers.

The July/August 2017 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, one of our best sellers, is all about travel and adventure, and how to capture it in mixed media.

Gina Lee Kim showed how to create travel journal pages using watercolor techniques and collage, Jacqueline Newbold offered helpful tips for creating on the go, and Jane Davenport techniques for café sketching that you can use the next time you go to your favorite coffee spot.

I love travel journaling and making books to take on trips, and was motivated by this issue to come up with fun ideas for travel journal pages that incorporate windows, tip-ins, pocket pages, and fold-outs. If you don’t have this issue in your library be sure to add it—you don’t have to have any trips planned to use these techniques, just the desire to take a creative journey!

For a trip around the world or over to your favorite café, get the July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors to help inspire you to create!

Be sure to check out our mixed-media best sellers, and find out what all the buzz is about!




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