Mixed-media Collage Techniques: Community Videos

0435.Headshot_thumb_3258C290Here we go again, I wanted to share another community member video with you. Joann Loftus uploaded this video to our gallery and it’s a great example of what you can do with a simple slide show of still photos. Why not consider trying this and uploading your own video for all to see. Go ahead, we won’t bite! Are you intimidated by the process of uploading? Check out this forum post with the directions on uploading and navigating in the galleries. We’d love to see videos of your mixed-media techniques, collage art, art journaling adventures, and more. Don’t be shy—be seen!


We would especially love to see your how-to videos.

Ooohhh! I feel a challenge coming on!

How’s this…Upload a mixed-media techniques or collage video by the end of the month (that’s Nov. 30th for the calendar challenged), and I’ll pick a winning video to share with the world during the first week of December. I’ll post it on my blog here, on our Facebook page, and tweet it too! You could be the next viral video!

Lights, Camera, Action! Let’s see what you have to share with us!






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