Mixed-Media Fabric Art and Bookbinding Tips – Follow Up Ideas

One of the best things about working in an environment where everyone is passionate about creativity is that you can always get feedback and advice on your current projectseven your blogs.

This sewing gauge for buttonholes could be
usedto help mark evenly spaced holes
for book binding.

So it is that within a couple of weeks or I received two follow-up suggestions from my coworkers who had read my blog posts about making a bookbinding jig and reusing tea bags in fabric art.

In the case of the jig for math phobics, Rose DeBoer, assistant editor for Stitch magazine, showed me a buttonhole spacer that she thought would do double duty as a jig.

This tool, the SimFlex Sewing Gauge can be used to evenly space just about anything without measuring. Not just buttonholes and bookbinding holes, but a row of small pictures on a wall, plants in a gardenyou name it.

Organza tea bags can be used in fabric art.

Vivika Hansen DeNegre, editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, read my post about using teabags in fiber art and saved some of hers for me. The difference is, where I was using paper teabags, hers are made of fine mesh fabric (akin to organza).

These stitchable, slightly iridescent bags (from Harney & Sons of Paris) would make beautiful see-through pouches to hold found objects. I even like the decorative tags!

I love these suggestions from my coworkers, and the ones from community members in the comments section of each blog. Be sure to check them out!


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