Mixed-Media House Party – It Takes a Village

There is something about conjuring up a cozy cottage or tall townhouse out of imagination and mixed-media art supplies that just appeals, apparently. The response to my post about handmade mixed-media art houses has been phenomenal–I guess you're about as obsessed as I am!

mixed media art village
Mixed-media village by our creative staff, inspired by the
Home is Where the Heart Is Art Lesson by Karen Michel.

My coworkers (the staff members who work on Cloth Paper Scissors, Stitch, Quilting Arts Magazine, and so on) wanted to get in on the act, too. So, using Karen Michel's Home is Where the Heart Is: Mixed-media Totems as inspiration, Cloth Paper Scissors Editor Jenn Mason and I scheduled a lunchtime art date to make a village.

My woodworking husband was enlisted to cut the house shapes from scrap lumber and Jenn gave each one a base coat of gesso. Then we tossed a drop cloth over our meeting table, put out acrylic paints, stencils, art papers, gel medium and découpage medium, and gathered our merry band of artists.

Everyone was free to either go by Karen's directions in Art Lessons Collage & Paint Series Vol. 12 or follow their creative whims.

It was so much fun to see how each coworker approached the project. Everyone in our office has creative talent, but some are more comfortable with needle and thread; others work their magic on the computer in graphic design.

mixed media art house by karen michel

Brief lessons in the difference between craft paints and artist paints (ratio of water to pigment) and gel medium vs. white glue (the former better for holding heavier materials) were delivered. Comfort zones were challenged!

At the end of the hour we had a mixed-media art village, each building reflecting the personality of its designer.

You and your family or friends could whip up a hamlet of heartfelt homes in no time and enjoy them all winter–or all year long

Download the Home is Where the Heart Is Art Lesson now for all of Karen's tips, techniques, and inspiration, and start creating your mixed-media art village.

P.S. Do you like to make art projects with family and friends? If so, what's your favorite? Answer in the comments section below.




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