Mixed-Media Supplies for Art-on-the-Go

I’m going on a trip and I’m packing . . .

Remember that camp/school game? Where everyone sits in a circle and names an item they’re taking on a trip, starting with the first letter of their name (or the sequential letter of the alphabet)?

fabric art supplies
A small tin can hold a host of
supplies for traveling.

(Photo by Lyric Kinard)

Well, today we’re going to play, alphabetical-style, with mixed-media supplies. My list reflects my preference for fabric art supplies, but I also include art journaling supplies and general art/craft supplies.

Adhesive (I like a glue stick for traveling)
Bobbin of beading thread
Collage papers
Downloads of favorite how-to videos
Embroidery floss
Fabric squares
Gel medium in a small jar
Ink pads
Knitting needles
Lutradur® sheets
Magnet (to hold scissors and needles in place in a tin)
Needles for hand sewing
OttLite Mini Flip Light
Pan paints and pastels
Reservoir watercolor brush
Scissors (small, with less than a 4″ blade-but check with TSA before taking on place)
Tin (such as one that once held mints)
UFO (an unfinished object I’ve been meaning to work on)
Vial of beads
Water-soluble pencils
Xyron® X tape maker
Zipper bags

mixed media supplies for travel
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer travels with small scissors and
fabric art supplies kept in a re-used chocolate box.

Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t take this entire list of tools and materials on every trip. More likely I’d focus on fiber art and one other concentration, like mixed-media collage supplies or materials for painting.

And each artist has his or her own favorite must-haves.


Julie Fei-Fan Balzer travels frequently, so we asked her to put together a video of her favorite mixed-media art supplies and her tricks for transporting them thither and yon. You can download Creating on the Go today, and get all her insider tips.

P.S. What are your must-have art supplies you can’t leave home without? Do you have any travel tips for artists? Leave your comments below.


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