New: Four Free Techniques for Making Three-Dimensional Art

Everyone wants their art to stand out, right? Well, there’s no easier way that by going 3-D.

three dimensional art sculpture free ebook

Take your mixed-media art into the third dimension with this new eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors Today: Three-Dimensional Art Sculpture: Free Mixed-Media Sculpture and Paper-Mache.

In it, we’ve brought together four techniques for three-dimensional art using paper-mache ideas, clay sculpture, fiber arts, and more.

First, create Funky Fiber Trees with Leilani Pierson. Leilani shows you how to twist, shape, sew, and decorate a fiber sculpture tree-or a whole grove-that is fun and fantastical.

Gail Walker’s tutorial Step into a Story will have you creating 3-D mixed-media shoes with graphic papers, stitch, and paper mache art techniques.

fabric sculpture trees by leilani pierson
Funky Fiber Trees by Leilani Pierson are fabric sculptures made with scraps, stitching,
and mixed-media embellishments.

In Fanciful Sculptures, Elaine Thomas takes you on an adventure with painted clay sculptures incorporating a vintage element of some sort (such as jewelry, trinkets, paper, or the base
structure) in each piece.

Up for more of a challenge? Tory Brokenshire will show you how to create three-dimensional art forms with soldered wire, using paper clay techniques to make the head and torso. Add personality with paint and found objects.

Three-Dimensional Art Sculpture: Free Mixed-Media Sculpture and Paper Mache will teach you 3-D mixed-media techniques that you can use to create not only the projects described, but also adapt to your own style. Download your copy now.

P.S. Do you have friends who would like to create 3-D mixed-media art? Forward this link to them so they can download their own copy of Three-Dimensional Art Sculpture: Free Mixed-Media Sculpture and Paper-Mache.


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