New Kit Alert: Unlock Your Art Journaling Potential

Big news, artists—we have a new kit that includes a just-released book you’re going to absolutely love, and I can’t wait to tell you about it. The Creative Art Journaling Kit  includes a copy of Jeanne Oliver’s book The Painted Art Journal, plus a large Dylusions Creative Journal, and a DVD of Top 10 Art Journaling Techniques. If you’re an avid art journaler or even contemplating getting into art journaling, you can’t miss this one.

This book, journal, and DVD combo is a must-have for your mixed-media practice. Let the art journaling fun begin!

Let’s start with the book and the journal, which were made for each other. I can’t say enough good things about Jeanne’s book. She takes art journaling to whole other level, and you’ll be so inspired by her incredible and approachable techniques and inspiring ideas. Jeanne’s unique take on art journaling is powered by storytelling, and incorporates painting, collage, mark making, and drawing. You’ll do a deep dive into your own story and your journaling practice, and she’ll be with you every step of the way. In addition, you get a crazy good art journal that you can work in as you go through the book. Plus a DVD with more art journaling techniques? What? Yes indeed.

About that journal—this big Ranger Dylusions Creative Journal is so well made that it will stand up to anything you have in mind—paint, acrylic medium, collage, ink, and more. The smooth cream-colored cardstock is wonderful to work on and the plain kraft cover lets you art it up anyway you like. Here are three of my Dylusions journals that I’ve decorated with stencils, stamps, and fabric (the big one on the left is what’s included in the kit).

The covers of these Ranger Dylusions Creative Journals can be embellished with collage, paint, pens, and more.

Plus, the journal has an envelope pocket on the inside, perfect for holding your ephemera scraps. How considerate!

This envelope pocket is super handy for stashing ephemera bits to use in your art journaling.

I dove into Jeanne’s book and quickly decided which art journaling technique I wanted to try first, after reading great chapters on composition, color, and setting up a portable studio. Seriously, this book has it all. In Project #4: Reproductions, Jeanne encourages you to use previous work as a catalyst for new work. Brilliant, right? As she writes, “the perfect material for creating layers and interest in your work is one of your previous sketches or paintings.”

Using old work to create new work is such a great idea, and helps you see your art in a new way.

I printed out an art journal spread that had some nice marks on it, tore a few pieces from the copies, and adhered them to the pages of my Dylusions journal with acrylic matte medium. One great technique Jeanne includes is using a hole punch to create a design in some of the layers. Not only did I love the effect, but this idea made me realize that I could have fun with my work.

Look for motifs, marks, and elements you like, and use those to build a new art journaling spread.

More collage elements were added, and gesso was applied in spots to help integrate the pieces into the page.

Building layers creates more interest and dimension.

I used some of the marks and images from the original piece as a jumping-off point, creating them with water-soluble pencil and pen and ink. Blending the pencil with gesso produced great shadow areas. To make drips, I diluted acrylic ink and sent it down the page, mixing some of the drips with more gesso. As a final touch, Jeanne recommends adhering the punched-out circles to the page, an idea that I love—they’re like sprinkles for your artwork! This one little step really lightened up the piece, and reminded me to have fun and play.

Never forget that art journaling should be fun! Let Jeanne Oliver show you how to unlock that sense of enjoyment.
Never forget that art journaling should be fun! Let Jeanne Oliver show you how to unlock that sense of enjoyment.

I can’t wait to try more of Jeanne’s art journaling techniques and fill more pages in my journal. This exclusive kit is tailor-made for you, so don’t sleep on it! See what fun lies ahead for your next art journaling adventures.

In Jeanne’s guest blog post she reveals her 10 favorite mixed-media tools!

Give yourself the gift of artistic discovery with this Creative Art Journaling Kit that includes great projects, inspiration, and techniques.


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