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Today we bring you a guest blog from mixed-media artist Rae Missigman, whose touchable art journals are the hot topic of our newest Art Lesson: Journals With Texture (download it here!). Rae’s work and advice will leave you inspired and informed! ~Cherie

Art journaling ideas | Rae Missigman, ClothPaperScissors.com
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An Element of Texture by Rae Missigman

As artists, we tend to focus on the visual aspect of objects rather than on how these beautiful things feel when we touch them. I love anything that has an interesting texture and enjoy adding a tactile element to my artwork to help express this side of me.

Journals with Texture is a great starting point for gathering and incorporating elemental layers. With layering being such a huge part of mixed media and art journaling these days, I love experimenting with new ways to add texture to these well-loved art forms. An art journal cover that plays host to a bounty of appealing textures begs to be picked up, held, turned over, and leafed through.

Choosing unique materials when building an art journal cover makes all the difference. I like to choose pieces that have different finishes and assorted weights and I always like to incorporate a bit of fiber or fabric into a project. When it comes to constructing a unique journal cover or similar work of art, I first focus on what components are most interesting when laid out next to my substrate. Then I like to ask myself a few questions:

• Are there enough complementary and contrasting hues to make my piece visually appealing?

• Do I have interesting elements like paper, fiber, and ribbons to add to the piece to make it two dimensional?

• Can I add even more texture to my substrate by adding pastes or other heavy-body mediums?

Most of my layered, textured art journal covers are created with “touch” in mind. I try to build the piece knowing that hands will hold the book, and I want those hands to be interested in opening the book. Once you get started with a process such as this, there is no turning back. You will be forever looking at things with fresh eyes, mentally placing them in your next art piece.

Some of my favorite things to include on my art journal covers are vintage and unusual papers; hand dyed fibers; fabric scraps; recycled materials like chipboard; hammered bottle tops and fruit netting; tinted modeling paste; crocheted pieces; and ribbons.

The next time you create something, think beyond the visual. Imagine your art as an object that will be picked up and examined with both hand and eye. It will change the way you create! ~Rae

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