One Egg Hunt That Rain Won't Affect

Holidays are what I live for. They're a great reason to gather family members that I may not see in between these special days. I've always thrown an Easter egg hunt for my husband's family and my next-of-kin and their husbands, wives, and children, but this year it will be slightly different.

Since we've moved and have a bigger yard now, we're opening the doors a little wider to include extended family and some friends. I have big hopes of it being the perfect day: kites flying in the backyard, trips to the creek to let the little ones find pretty pebbles, lots of food and laughter, an evening bonfire, and of course, plenty of eggs.

Easter Bunny Whimsy, posted by mykobocek

In the past, we've hidden plastic eggs that had pieces of candy and pennies hidden inside of them. This year we plan to do the same, but I thought I'd take it up a notch and have an adult egg hunt as well. Once the sun sets, we're going to set the grown-ups loose with their flashlights to discover eggs hidden throughout the yard. Some eggs will have glow sticks inside to light them, some will have candy, and I thought it would be fun to throw a couple of 18+ prizes, like lottery scratch tickets or silly gag prizes.

The only thing I'm slightly concerned about at this point in the planning stages is the weather. Since there's nothing I can do to control the sunshine and rain, I'm just going to hope for the best. The worst case scenario: it could rain, and then we would have to hide the eggs inside the house.

But there's one egg hunt that rain won't affect: the Interweave store has a fun promotion going on now through April 20, where you look for Easter eggs that are on the pages of some of our favorite products. When you find an egg, use the promo code IWEGGHUNT50 to save 50%. I think this is such a fun idea! Have fun shopping (don't we always?), and I wish a happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it. Have a great weekend!

Happy hunting,


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