Our Five Most Popular Collage Art Posts – What Can You Learn?

To me, collage is the most accessible means of exploring mixed-media art. Start with ephemera and glue for paper collage and add paint; choose fabric and add stitch for fabric collage; "glue" with wax for encaustic collage; or play on the computer or tablet to create digital collage. Then start mixing them together (though I'd keep the wax off the iPad if I were you).

For examples on how to play with collage, here are our five most popular posts on the subject.

encaustic collage
Jenn's encaustic collage tag.

Heat Up Wax to Make Cool Art. In this post, Jenn Mason gives a mini tutorial in encaustic collage using a tag as the base. Her step-by-step instructions with photos make it clear how easy and fun encaustic collage can be.

How to Use Teabags in Fabric Art. Beryl Taylor shows how she turns used teabags into mixed-media collage art using stitch, a stencil, and acrylic paint.

Tea for Tuesday Mixed Media Collage. I was pleased that so many of you liked my teacup collage made from ephemera, Mod Podge®, gesso, and fluid acrylic paint.  It was fun, easy, and satisfying to create.

digital collage with ipad app
Jenn's digital collage.

Using Apps to Make Art. Jenn Mason is always the first on our block to acquire the latest technology. In this post, she shows how you can play around with digital collage art using two iPad apps.

The Glue That Holds the Fabric Collage Together. Many of you seemed to relate to my approach to creating a fabric collage: stitch, glue, or whatever it takes. When dealing with tiny fibers like in this nest collage,  glue is often the best choice.

Those are our Top 5 collage posts. For more collage projects and techniques, download a copy of our eBook Unique Layers: 10 Ways to Enhance Collage Art, available in the Cloth Paper Scissors shop.

P.S. Is your favorite post listed here? If not, which one do you like best? Tell me, and leave a link to it below.


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